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Friday, April 04, 2003
WOOHOO! My tablet just arrived _and_ i scored a free copy of "Amplitude". (Not your promised copy Eric...sorry). Huzzah for new toys!


Thursday, April 03, 2003
Huzzah! I should be getting a Wacom Tablet soon. I'll be stoked to put that to use in photoshop and see what it can do. Drawing with a mouse is whack yo.

Here's something you really have to check out. His name is Strong Bad...and he answers emails. Really...it's funny.

Be Sure to check out Techno and Guitar.

here comes the weekend


Wednesday, April 02, 2003
The local sports radio station around here has been updating its listeners on the war in Iraq with Hard Rock Guitar (tm) as accompaniment in the background. Something about that really bothers me.

In other news...last night I spent a long time working on a new drawing for a friend of mine. In the midst of this I was browsing the web and decided to search for "baditude" at Google to see what came up. I found another Baditude! I decided to instant message this imposter to see what the hell was going on. Turns out this "bizzaro" baditude is really more of a "Saditude". Read her journal and you'll see why. If, while reading it, it strikes you like the depressed and pitifull musings of a 15-year-old girl...that's because it is. I chatted with her for a bit, and she seemed like a cool young person. Hopefully she'll turn things around to the bright side soon.

Also last night: I chatted a long time with Eric about web hosts, and DNS servers, and taking full control of my website. Being a master of my domain if you will. He sold me on a number of things which I would like to impliment in the near future. We'll see...perhaps there is a whole new baditude just around the corner.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
So here's something else I noticed. I was cruising through some of the AP photos covering the war in Iraq and there was some surprising similarities between those real photos...and Ghost Recon :)

Here's a funny little music video for you

Monday, March 31, 2003
allright...Lots to talk about.

First off: My weekend was great. I went to stay with Heather for the weekend. We ran errands for most of Saturday and went to dinner and a movie that night. We saw the Pianist. I suppose the movie that instantly comes to mind as a comparison is Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List". Both films were nominated for best picture and both directors nominated for best director (Schindler swept the awards while the Pianist missed best picture but Polanksi nabbed best director...to the "shock and awe" of everyone in attendance).

Anyway...I haven't seen Shindler's in a long time but I remember it being an extraordinary movie, despite the gimicky black & white presentation. The Pianist is equally impressive and certainly deserving of all the praise. I just wish Polanski wasn't a rapist...it would be easier to admire him. Still...his personal life aside...his film is great. It's thought provoking and sensitive. It would do the world more harm than good to shun this film as opposed to embracing it.

So that was Saturday. Sunday Heather and I rented bikes and cruised around the boardwalk in Santa Monica. The weather has been unbelievable here in SoCal. I am sooooo looking forward to summer when I can cast off the oppressive shackles of my wetsuit and just surf in trunks.

We ran into some interesting people this weekend. LA is full of them. Most of the people we encountered or observed seemd angry and/or stuck up. Santa Monica is extremly fun for people watching. I would like to go down there with my sketchbook sometime and just grab a ton of material. Probably the best encounter of the weekend was with a woman in the Vet's office.

We were there to drop off Heather's cat "Sunday" (who's the fattest cat I have ever seen). She's so fat that she can't clean herself so we were dropping her off to get groomed. There was a woman there...probably around the same age as myself...maybe younger...who was picking up 4 or 5 of her animals. We got to talking with her and she busted out with these memorable quotes:

"Yeah I have a lot of pets, but I have a big house...I mean...It's a really big house...so I have plenty of space for them"


"I think I am going to pick up an S.U.V. today. I have three sports cars, but they are just to small to fit all my animals in."


Sunday night I drove home, stopping at the Vittitoes house on the way. The Vittitoes have been friends with my family since before I was born and they are basically a second set of parents to me...like a close aunt and uncle. I always love spending time with them. I also kicked it with my blood-Aunt...Aunt Ellen. I dropped off some goodies from the Beverlywood Bakery (My family's favorite bakery) for her and we had a good talk.

Finally it was home again for a little late-night Zelda and bed.


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