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Thursday, April 17, 2003
Total Domination:

Here is the story of the Battlefield 1942 tournament I participated in last night. For those you who could really care less about the details: A bunch of us from work formed a team and went down to play. We won and got first place. the news was there (windows media file)

Now for the real story.

Prior to this tournament we sat down and worked out strategies for each map in the rotation. We each took seperate "tasks" for the different maps. That way there was no confusion over who should be where with whatever vehicle. This proved to be all we needed to "own" the competition. There ended up being only a handfull of teams competing, so we only played 2 maps (2 rounds on each map). A total of four games against 2 seperate teams.

Battlefield is a game of capture and hold. Most spawn points are capturable (in some cases they all are). On most maps (both ones we played) if you capture and hold most of the spawn points, your enemies tickets begin counting down at a regular rate. When the bad guys run out of tickets...the good guys win. You also lose a ticket everytime somone on your team dies and respawns, so it's a combination of holding territory and winning a war of attrition.

Each side started with 180 tickets and by the end of the matches we had won handily...never losing more than around 20 tickets (producing scores like 165 - 0).

It was so awsome to see well laid plans executed so well and work so perfectly. Not only that but we got to hear the cries of frustration from the other team. I frequently heard them trying to coordinate counterattacks and it would sound like:

"damnit, listen all we need to do is move some tanks up to...(boom!)...FUCK!"

One guy (who went by T-dogg, "like snoop dogg!" he said) was extremly animated and didn't hesitate to call one of our pilots a "fuckin genius".

it was awsome. So we got first place and got a few dinky little prizes. The Navy was there actually trying to recruit people (no thanx...I think I know the difference between going to war and playing one on a video game), so there were some uniformed people wandering around. The owner of the place approached us afterwards and said he would consider spondering our team to play in a much larger tournament in Dallas!?!?! We eagerly told him that would be fine by us.

The Esports Arena downtown is really pretty cool. Worth checking out for sure. I'd definitly like to head down there again some time, especially for another tourney!
Here's the winning team posing with their froo-froo prize!

Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Following the pictures I posted on Monday, it's really no surprise that I'm a supermodel. My face is on a website, and poster (a little blurred, but there), and it's easily seen on a the side of a semi-trailer touring the country right now. In each image there is a group of three guys cheering. I'm the one furthest back (which makes me the least attractive of the three probably). Sill...it's kinda neat to be a whore for advertising.

In other Celebrity Me news, I got interviewed for Animation Magazine. I forgot to ask the guy if I was going to be quoted directly and when my comments would appear in the mag (or online), but keep a look out for that I guess. The interviewer mostly wanted my general opinions about the videogame industry. He also specifically wanted my perspective on things that pertained to motion-capture. I hope I gave him intelligent answers without revealing company secrets!


Sunday, April 13, 2003
now the weekend wrap-up:

Friday -- I went home a little early so I could make a nice dinner for Heather (who was coming into town that night). I got my cook on and put together some vegetable spring rolls, a coconut tofu curry dish with brown rice, and something called a "Caramel Bannana Fluff" for dessert. The curry and bannana thing came out well but the spring rolls were not really edible. I'm not sure what I did wrong but the rice-paper wrappings were less like paper and more like a gooey, doughey mess.


After dinner we met Iwan to see Anger Management. All too often these feel-good-comedies end up really sappy and overblown, and this movie was no exception. Everything up till the climax was really pretty funny though.

Saturday -- Heather and I met up with my cousin Eric for some surfing. The waves were a little blown-out but there was some fun to be had, plus it was really good to see Eric. It's been a while. That night we saw Paul's band play at a disco party. Peep the dope outfits yo:

The costumes made me think of the "Sabotage" cop-show thing. A photoshop filter later and you get:

Anyhoo...the party was a lot of fun. Paul's band is always great and once they finished we all got some dancing in which is always fun.

Sunday -- Mellow. Breakfast at the Pancake house and some more strategy sessions for the upcoming Battlefield tournament.

Till next time!



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