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Friday, April 25, 2003
here's a funny commercial for you.

Another interesting week...and done-zo is it's name-o.

A couple days ago I got a phone call from someone in the public relations department of the company I work for. He was a little upset that I had given an interview for a magazine without talking to him first. Of course I had no idea I was supposed to anything like that. Neither did my supervisor or his boss. No one even knew who this guy was. Anyhow, he was worried that our company might be slandered and cautioned me to go through him before doing anything like that again. Fine.

If it was so important to the guy...you'd think he'd have gone through the trouble of talking about the proper procedures to the different people in mangement. I was pretty surprised that he would come to me directly and not to my bosses. For someone in charge of "public relations" his people skills were terrible.

Anyhoo. The article has been written and I read it. It's pretty cool. The author quoted me several times...that makes me an "Authority" :) I'll post it up after it's been published (I think the Animation Magazine people would be upset if I did otherwise).

In other news: Brian, a friend and co-worker of mine, was talking to me yesterday and I mentioned to him that I used to have my eyebrow pierced. Strangely enough...he didn't believe me and demanded photographic evidence. Unfortunately I don't think I have any, which is too bad. I would like to have at least one picture of me from that period. I only had it pierced for about 8 or 9 months I think.

I thought it was funny that the 2003 version of me could appear to be so different from the eye-brow pierced, shaved head, version of me back in...oh...circa 1995. It makes me wonder how much I really have changed. Or in Brian's words, "When did you become such a pretty-boy?!"


"Pretty-boy" and "Baditude"...kinda clash.


Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Last week was quite a week. Just a stand-out week all around (nice work week!). Highlights include: Scoring a goal in soccer. An awsome peformance in the Battlefield tourney (and being on the news!), a great passover meal with my family, spnding time with the girlfriend on the weekend, good friends and good fun at the Arena Football game and Convoy show. Pretty much outstanding.

Yesterday I had a rehersal for some motion capture work I'll be doing today. I don't usually "suit up" and actually give motion captured performances for the games I work on, but today I will be. There is a Navy SEAL working with us and trying to give us "pointers" on how to act as if we've been through months and years of hard-core military training and experience. Most of it consisted of learning not to point the muzzle of our guns at one another. I can only imagine what this guy might be thinking while trying to coach computer nerds through the process of "clearing a room".

I've worked with a couple of SEAL's before, they are always pretty interesting guys. Their whole way of talking is always amusing -- especially all the slang terms for weapons and military situations. Oh yeah...and that whole "curse like a sailor" thing...that's pretty much justified. :)

Last night we had a soccer game against the "Stormy Bros". We've played against them a number of times and with maybe one or two exceptions, they beat us pretty easily. I don't generally mind playing teams who are better than us but I usually dislike playing the "Bros". I mostly don't care for their physical style of play. They foul and grab more than most teams. What makes it so frustrating is that there isn't much consistancy between the different refs who work at the YMCA. One guy in particular is so bad it borders on fantastic. So you get into situations where you are obviously being fouled and there's no whistle being blown. Tonight I let my emotions get the better of me and I got sent off the field (for 2 minutes) for basically throwing another player to the ground and yelling curses at him.

The situation in a nutshell was basically this: late in the game, we are obviously going to lose. I made a good play and my opponent. instead of just making a run for the ball, grabbed and held me. This would have been fine if a whistle had blown, but no whistle came till I started flipping out.

I never used to flip out like I did last night. I think when we started playing I was a more cautious and unsure player. With confidence comes passion I guess.

I used to play on a Co-ed team. My good friend Liz used to play with us and would get so disgusted with the attitude of the guys she played with and against. I always had a hard time trying to explain why guys seemed to lose their cool so easily while playing recreational sports. I know that when I play I tend to play pretty hard. I guess when your body starts to expend that much energy it starts to fool your brain into thinking that you must be doing something really important. I mean...why else would you be working so hard?

Apparently this is mostly a guy thing though because the girls certainly played just as hard (if not harder in a lot of cases) and never seemed to lose sight of why they were there in the first place. I certainly never saw Liz body slam another player and bitch them out afterwards :)



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