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Friday, May 02, 2003
Jean-Claude van Damme...Martial Arts master...funkadelic party star.

he's listed here in the IMDB


X-men 2 opens today!

Foxtrot is one of the few traditional (ie non-internet) comics that I still really enjoy. Oh how I miss the days of Calvin, Hobbes, and the Far Side.

So yes. Today X-Men 2 opens. The usual work crew is taking a "team building day" to go see it this afternoon. David Elliot of the San Diego Union Tribune hated it, but I rarely read his reviews. His is just the only one i've seen. I imagine it will be the special-effects slugfest that such summer sequels are usually made of. Still, I am very excited to see it.

I read a blog the other day where the guy listed among his "top 5 favorite restrants": Denny's, the Olive Garden, Hometown Buffet. Now there's certainly nothing wrong with those places. But when I think of my "favorite" places to eat. I think of the sort of place I want to be taken out to for my birthday (coming up on May 9th). A place that's a rare treat. I like to set my sights a lil higher then a "moon over my hammy". So to sum this thought up, that guy is obviously 13, or stupid...

...or both.

Happy friday!


Wednesday, April 30, 2003
I'm in trouble.

See you in the city of Dis.



Well in contrast to last week's soccer game (where I flipped out), tonight's game was a cake-walk. Even though I was on the field for plent of time, it didn't really feel like we were really even playing. The final score was something like 13 - 1. My buddy from work, Beeson, was all sorts of fired up and had a great game (despite randomly launching the ball onto the freeway once). My level of intensity was way down from what it usually seems to be. So going back to my post last week, no intensity, no "hard working body" (that sounds sexy) seems to mean a much better sense of perspective. Allthough it wasn't really as much fun.

Despite playing a pretty mellow game I still managed to mangle my right foot again in a less-than-spectacular foot-to-foot collision with another player. It's really not anything worth writting about though...so I'll stop.

We have a big football star coming into work tommorow for a PR shoot and some motion capture. LaDainian Tomlinson will be in our studio. It will be cool to have the home-town hero hangin out. Hopefully he's a cool guy. I don't work much in the studio itself but I'd like to at least get a photo with the guy while he's here.

I just got schooled by Zelda...I can't even really describe it well. But it had my housemate and I screaming. Unbelievable.

My on-line version of heroclix is coming along pretty well. I'm enjoying running the turns and I think those who are playing are having a good time. I hope people maintain interest for a while.

And last on the list of blog-worthy events, Heather's cat "Leo" hasn't been feeling too well. Seems the young gato had a hankerin for blanket tassles and ate a bunch of 'em. He's been puking for about 5 days now and has taken several trips to the vet. Hopefully he gets better soon!


Monday, April 28, 2003
Another week means another weekend.

Heather was in San Diego again and we had all sorts of good times. Friday night we saw "Identity". Adam, Diana, and Iwan were all present and accounted for. I thought the movie was pretty good, though not quite as clever as it wanted to be. Still worth seeing I think.

Saturday Heather had studying to do so I cleaned the house a lil and we met later at Ki's for lunch. The weather has been so awsome lately I've been trying to get outside as much as possible and Ki's is perfect for outdoor dining. After Lunch I did a little drawing out on the patio at Mircales (continuing to cruise the Cardiff scene), while Heather finished up her grading.

Saturday night we headed downtown to check out the Thievery Corporation. Neither of us had heard of them before but my buddy Liz set us up with some complimentary tickets. The show was actually sold-out so I guess that prooves how little I know about music these days. The music was this hybrid of acid jazz, reggae, and world music. There was a lot of images up on screens to accompany the tunes. It was all "faux exotic"...Tibetian monks, Yanomamo tribesman...etc. It all reeked of first year college musicians. Still the band was really pretty good. I especially liked the first half of the show which was more jazz influenced. The second part was more up Heather's alley and was much more like straight reggae. The band had a rotation of something like 5 lead singers. The first three were all women and they each had their own lil style. The 4th guy was an emcee of sorts...pretty much the worst one I have ever seen. That band would do well to drop him completely as his only talent seemed to be to soundas if he was a piece of sampled music. All he did was repeat a trite hip-hop phrase over and over again. The last guy was the reggae singer and was pretty decent.

But despite these criticisms I really enjoyed being there. So big thanx to Liz for the hook-ups.

Sunday was sort of a lounge around day. Looking for something to do outside (the surf was terrible), we went swimming over at my grandparent's house. My dad and Ko were there as well. Dinner was served and it was all good times. Allthough it was a little uncomfortable when my dad started joking about the bunny rabbit that his puppy killed. I don't think Heather was too stoked on his pantomimes of the bunny writhing and twitching in pain.

That's all for now!



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