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Thursday, May 08, 2003
hey check it out: my first lil Flash animation. It was just a test really but it took me a lot longer than I would care to admit.

Learning new programs like that are fun and creating the images with the Wacom tablet is so awsome! I wish this stuff was more readily available when I was younger!

By the way. My dad found one of my most favorite relics from my childhood. It is a blanket that my mom made for me when I was about 14 or 15. It's entirely made up of my old T-shirts. Talk about your nostalgia. Plenty of T&C shirts, a shirt featuring one of my first skateboards (the Hosoi "mini"), shirts from Mike Hovenik's Soccer Camp, and Big Bear Tennis Ranch, a Michael Jackson's Thriller tee...it's unreal. I'm stoked to get it back! I'll have to post up some pics of this thing.


Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Well for the third week in a row someone on the other soccer team found a way to mangle my right foot. My toe is crunched once again.

I'm a lil sleepy right now. I've had trouble sleeping the last few nights...hopefully this signals a change for the better. I could tell I was lacking rest today at work. I just had that "burned out" feeling.

My friend James Scarafone told me yesterday that he was interested in being featured somewhere in this web site. So...her you go James. Everyone go see the web page that James's band built: Filth Juggernaut.

So you know how people complain about cell phone users talking on their phone in places like movie theaters? I always figured that this was something that people claimed to dislilke dispite having never experiencing it first hand. I had never experienced it myself. I assumed that since cell phones were so much more common, everyone would just know that you're not supposed to do that. It turns out that I was wrong. Last weekend during X2, some guy held a hushed conversation (at least he lowered his voice) right behind me for a good minute or two. I was really more stunned than angered. It was like stumbling into the hotel room of the guy who's organs were just stolen from him, or sewars filled with alligators.

I'll continue this negative entry by saying that I'm tired of people who can't keep the volume of their public conversations at a reasonable level. If I gave a fuck about your life I'd come over and introduce myself.

The weekend creeps ever-closer. I'm looking forward to this weekend. Some fun festivities planned. My mom and some other good friends will be in town. Plus I haven't seen Heather in a couple of weeks so I'm excited about her being in town again for the weekend.


Sunday, May 04, 2003
When the cat's away the mouse will play...video games.

The girlfriend was away this weekend She went back east for a wedding. This was also the weekend that I finished Zelda: Windwalker. probably not a coincidence. Most of my saturday was devoted to this accomplishement. When it was all said in done I thought Zelda was a pretty impressive game. Not without it's flaws but certainly worth playing.

Sunday my dad had his birthday party (over at my grandparent's house). We got to do some swimmming, hung out with the family, had some good food. All good stuff. I also got some early birthday presents myself so huzzah for that.

Okay...short update...I'm gonna go watch some MST.



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