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Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Argh! A crane fell over on the freeway today shutting down the I-5. As most of my readers know, the 5 freeway is the lifeblood of San Diego and when that goes...all hell breaks loose. :(

Anyhow I'm off to LA for the E3 convention soon. Before I go I'll leave you with this lil silly photoshop thing I did for a thank-you card to Gabe and Rhiannon for a book they bought me for my birthday...


Monday, May 12, 2003
A weekend of celebrations galore. Friday was my birthday and Heather organized a little party for me. She is too sweet. We went to Masuo's for sushi, and then back to my apartment for "cake and ice cream". Heather had decorated the whole place (my apartment not the resturant) and gotten a cake and stuff. It was very cool. Plus my buddy Liz was in town and she was able to show up. Heather's friends Paul and Kelowna also came which was unexpected and extremely cool. Of course all the standard crew members showed up, Iwan, Sara, Gabe, Rena, Adam, Diana, Norm, Teri...even my cousin and housemate. Very special.

Saturday was my mom's birthday party in Cardiff. There were a lot of people (my parents friends) there who I hadn't seen in a while so that was cool. There was also a woman there from England who was visiting the hosts of the party for 10 days or so. Turned out that I actually babysat her some 15 years ago. Apparently I had told my clients that I though she and her siblings were "boring and lame" and that I wouldn't come back again unless I could bring my nintendo...right...I'm pretty much a big fucking jerk :)

Anyhow my mother was all stoked and it was great to see her so excited and surrounded by friends.

Sunday was (of course) mother's day. Like last year, Sean (my brother) and I decided we would buy groceries and make breakfast for her at my apartment. Last year that basically meant that I buy all the groceries, and do all the cooking while my brother just sorta shows up and mumbles "happy mothers day". This year he promised he would be able to pitch in more. Alas he showed up late again and with only a few crinkled dollar bills to his name. That's fine. He's slowly getting his act together and some day he'll be the one taking everyone out.

I set Sean to task chopping and de-seeding some Jalepenos. He was having trouble dicing and started to just crumble them up with his fingers. Suddenly I hear a ,"oh man..."
I look over and Sean has his head arched back...eyes wide open. "ahh..." he said...sort of surprised. Then, "AAAAARGH!!!!" as he ran screaming for the bathroom.

Poor Sean had just learned the hard way not to rub your eyes after handling Jalepeno peppers....

Despite the disaster, Mother's Day went off well. I had to work for a few hours but I still got to hang out with my family for most of the day.

So it was a good weekend. I got to see some people I dont usually get to hang with (Liz, the Randall sisters, and my mom)...plus I hadn't seen Heather in 2 weeks so it was great to be with her again.

Coming Soon...E3!



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