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Sunday, May 25, 2003
My friend and enemy, Brian Phipps, has asked me to tell you all where I got the transcript (the one that has the conversation between Neo and the Architect) that I talked about in my last post from. It was from Brian Phipps who, despite LOSING to me and Frank in our last Hero Clix match, is a genius. Here's to you Brian...Here's to you.

In other news Adam and Diana held a little poker tournament this weekend. You can read all about it here at his blog. I came in fourth place out of 11 people. I was one spot away from winning some money (Heather took third...nice work her!) but overall I think I played really well. It was fun to hang out with all the usual suspects and even some unusual ones (like Lil Buhr who made the trip down from San Fran).

I have been reading Barry Glassner's "The Culture of Fear" lately. It's a really enjoyable read. If you saw "Bowling for Columbine" You should definitly read this book...you should probably give it a look even if you didn't like Michael Moore's movie.

The surf has been pretty crappy of late but the weather, especially in the afternoon, has been nice. Heather and I played a little "Smashball" at Moonlight beach today which was a lot more fun than I anticipated. I don't know what it is, but there is something about that game that gives me the giggles. Especially once you get a good rally going. As we got closer to our goal for consecutive hits it became impossible for me not to start laughing. This of course tends to blow one's focus making it much harder to accomplish the goal.

Here's some things that I remeber fondly about my childhood:

- the first few days of summer vacation.

- orange slices during the half-time of rec soccer game.

- how the air felt when the sun finally went down beind the canyon walls of Lake Powell in the afternoon

- Mastering the "infinite lives" trick in Super Mario World.

- Being held down under a mountain of couch-pillows while being tickled by my dad.

- riding my bike home from elementary school

- My mom decorating the house for Halloween.

peace out!



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