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Friday, June 06, 2003
Another week means another weekend.

I have been playing quite a bit of Planetside lately and I think it's starting to show:

Here's a couple more cool screenshots from some recent battles. First, a good sized group of us storming a base held by the filthy "Terran Republicans:

A fierce air battle wages overhead:

An interesting change as come about for me recently though. Because I have had other things I needed to get done in the evenings after work, I've started to come into work early to play games. So rather than stay up late, I get up early (relativly...I come into work at about 7:30 or 8:00 now to get my game on.)

I think it was my friend Diana who once asked, "why can't you just wake up early to play games rather than stay up late. It's really the same thing right?" I answered her question mostly by laughing. The only way I can explain why I like to stay up late is that there is too much stuff I want to do during the day and it ususally spills over into the night. Why go to bed when you can stay up and "do stuff"?

So I don't expect this early-bird trend of mine to last too much longer, but I'll try and enjoy the mornings while it does.

Thursday, June 05, 2003
Hi there.

So you know I gots ta give y'all a soccer update when I score a goal!

so...yeah...I scored a goal in our teams 9-5 victory on teusday. Can I get a "what what"?

Here's something: If you're a proffesional baseball player, a future hall of famer, and a home run superstar...maybe you should just ditch that corked bat. Maybe you never used it in a real game before. If that's the case...why would you need it in the first place?

It really doesn't make any sense for anyone who is supposed to be as good as Sammy Sosa to have a corked bat. The only reason for him to have one is to cheat with it. Sports fans are easy on him becuase they don't want to see someone they hold up as "one of the good guys" turn into one of the bad guys.

I love the whole "I used the illegal bat just for batting practice to please the fans". As if you can't talk to your own pitcher and ask him to throw you a couple of meaty, "homerun balls" to knock out of the park.

So there's that.

Here's an article that was in Animation Magazine: the June 2003 issue. The author quoted me 2 or 3 times in the article. That makes me an authority! Well not really. I guess it's possible to quote morons...people quote athletes and politicians all the time.



Monday, June 02, 2003
Wow...I have a lot to talk about and it's been a long time since my last post. I think I will break this up into several smaller posts. Hopefully that will make it easier to digest...plus you can comment on specific topics easier.

This weekend was pretty hectic. I got to meet a lot of Heather's old college friends which was a lot of fun. They seemed like really nice peeps. I was surprsied that they lived so close (Ventura) and I had never really met them before.

We watched one of her friends, Alison, run in the Rock n Roll Marathon. Strangely enough, there were a group of "hecklers" set up along the same part of the route that we were waiting for Alison on. They were a bunch of guys (some dressed up as mexican wrestlers), who were handing out beers to the runners and throwing water balloons at them. Actually the runners seemed to be pretty good natured about the whole thing...I think they even liked it. But most of the girls I was with were getting pissed!

Another thing these girls felt strongly about was a particular wedding tradition: The one where the prospective groom speaks with the father of his intended bride and asks his permission to marry his daughter. I had voiced my surprise that this was still done to Heather and her girlfriends at dinner. They all seemed to think I was crazy to assume that it wasn't. They all said they would expect that their fiance would do first speak with their father.

"dosn't that strike you as a little old school though?" I said, "A little too much patriarchy? Doesn't that make you feel as if you are just a possesion of your father to be traded to your husband? Doesn't YOUR opinino matter most when it comes to whom you marry?"

Apparently it's not about that at all. I didn't really want to get into it too much so I let it die. Obviously the tradition is more important than what it stands for I guess.

Issue: quacks

I would guess that most people, deep down, believe that they are (among otherthings): nice, good drivers, considerate to others, free from body odor, of at least average intelligence, and open minded. It's probably true that most of these people are deluded. Hopefully I'm not counted among those ranks when I say that I consider myself to be pretty open-minded. Allthough I would admit that I'm nothing like I was in my first year of college. Since then I have become more and more skeptical about a lot of things. one of the things that I am exrtemely dubious about is "alternative medicine".

Alternative medicine makes me so angry because it usually preys on the weak. I don't mean that in a cruel way. I mean it exploits people who are in pain...people who are dying of cancer or aids...people who are desperate. People who seek out alternative forms of treatment are in danger of doing themselves more harm than good by ignoring conventional treatments that have a better chance at helping them.

I'm not saying that conventional medicine is the only road to health. I don't think doctors know everything, and I don't think that medical science is infallible. But the burden of proof is not on the shoulders of the traditional medical community and too often the arguments for fringe medicine is something like, "well you can't prove that it hurts...so it must help" or something like that. I have felt this way for a several years, but now I am being confronted with it on a personal level.

My girlfriend has been suffering with Lyme Disease for 3 years now. It has been an indescribable challneg for her and traditional medicine has failed her on a number of occasions. She has become pretty desperate and is (understandably) frustrated. I am in a strange situation now where on the one hand, I'm really in no position to criticize her for investigating some unusuall and unorthodox treatment options. Afterall...anything that can make her feel better is worth it. On the otherhand...I am a little defensive of her and don't want to see her taken advantage of. It's incredibly frustrating to listen to "Muscle Testers" tell her that they can read her "energies" over the telephone, and that she has to "turn off her rational mind" and stop taking antibiotics.

Thankfully in this particular instance she is more in agreement with me. Still, she is willing to give almost anything (except abandoning her conventional treatments) a try and I can hardly blame her.

I just want her to get better.

Issue: Debt

About 10 years ago I signed up for my first credit card and have been in debt pretty much ever since. However I finally managed to pay off my credit card debt a couple days ago and so (without actually checking my credit report) I am finally debt free again. It's really kinda strange. I have been living with credit card debt over my head for so many years that I don't think I ever really realized how much I though about it or how much it crept up in the back of my mind. It feels really greazt to be free from it. Here's hoping I don't get into any trouble like that again!

Issue: Jerk Store
(the following opinions are entirly my own and in no way represent those of my employer)

(I never know how careful I have to be on this thing)

I get it. Lot's of Americans don't like watching soccer. I even understand why. I also understand why you wanna make jokes about it and poke fun at it's fans. I have a sense of humor about the whole thing. I am certainly not above making a joke or two about my least favorite sport...er..game (golf). What I don't understand is why so many Americans are so threatend by soccer. Recently a guest at my work was eating lunch in one of our lounge areas while a friend and I were watching the UEFA championship game. This guest (who was oing some voice work) spent almost his entire lunch blasting the sport of soccer and insulting those of us who watch it. What was extremly frustrating about the whole experience was that this particular individual was (as I said) a guest...also known as "Talent". That means he's got some sort of "Diplomatic Immunity". So while my friend and I had to sit there and just hope he'd shut the fuck up already, the guys in our company who worked directly with him, had to sit there and kiss his ass...laughing at every remark as if they had never realized that soccer tends to be low scoring or that their fans can be extremly enthusiastic.

The "Talent" even went so far as to start making personal attacks on my friend, "You really have no life...go read a book for christ sake". Meanwhile my buddy can only clenches his jaw into a grin and white-knuckle his chair. I found it slightly hypocritical that this guy...a sports caster who probably watches more sports than any of us in the room combined...would call someone out for taking an interest in a soccer game.

Why is it that guys like these can't make their one or two jokes and then just accept the fact that some people enjoy something they don't? I gues it wouln't have been so bad if my friend and I had been able to jump in and participate in the "freindly ribbing" but being hamstrung by "politics" made it extremly frustrating.

Well It's been a while. Sorry for the delay. I think I'll break these up into seperate posts so you, my beloved readers, may comment on what you like.

Issue: Los Angeles

Lots of funny (and not-so-funny) people like to write about how weird and crazy Los Angeles is, how foul and plastic it is, how glamorous and opulent it is, or how depreaved, destitute and culturally vacuous it is. It's hard to write something about Los Angeles without saying something that hasn't already been said a hundred times before. Since my girlfriend has been living in L.A. I have had the opportunity to spend more time there than I would ever want to. But after spending all those weekends in the "city of angels" I think I have a better idea of why I have always hated it so much. Mostly it's the traffic, but there's something else.

To me it seems like the Hollywood mentality -- that way of thinking that gave us The Mole and The Karate Kidd III -- has turned on itself to make Los Angeles extremly trite and predictable. As if someone let Jerry Bruckhiemer and Michael Bay take over tourism and city planning. It makes me angry that some red-neck in Apalachia can sit on the porch and make jokes or borad generalizations about Los Angeles -- based only on what he sees on television -- and basically be spot on. (note: I have never been to Apalachia).

So yes: People in Beverly Hills really are snobby, shallow, and extremly rich. LA guys strut and prance around acting as you would expect them to. LA girls frequently flaunt fake their fake tits and collegen lips while strutting around Santa Monica with their little dogs. Everyone at the coffe shops typing away at their laptops are writting movie scripts and everyone else there is talking too loud on their cell phones (about movies).

Of course you have to wait an extra hour to get to see all these things while waiting in mind numbing traffic.


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