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Friday, June 27, 2003
"Closed for maintenance"

hmmm...I'm getting a lil tired of my "comment" funtionality being hosed. I suppose I can't really complain though since it's a free service and I'm too lazy to go with something else. I'll just sit here and hope it gets fixed soon.


Thursday, June 26, 2003
Liz took this test on her blog. Here's what I was:

Enneagramfree enneagram test

(I also had a lot of "loyalist", "Helper" and "Investigator"...but was very low in "peacemaker")

There are so many of these lil tests out there. Merideth had posted one a while back about what level of hell (in Dante's hierarchy) you can expect to be hanging out in (I was squarley in the city of Dis...the 6th level, for non-believers).

These tests given by random websites really appeal to people. Probably because we get a chance to see an "unbiased" view of ourselves (allthough clearly the person taking the test dumps truckloads of bias into it). It might be more interesting to have other people take the tests FOR you (as if they were you) and see what the results are. Actually...why don't some of you do that if you got the time. Post the results in my comments section (if it actually works). You can do it anonymously if you want. I would be curious to see how other people answered pretending to be me.



Somehow, in my last post, I must have given the impression that I didn't enjoy myself at the Beck show on Teusday. Not true! I had a great time and was gratefull to be there! I woulda posted that in my comments section but they are closed for now.

I went surfing last night with Heather. I hadn't been in the ocean in a while and the water has definitly warmed up which is awsome. Allthough despite wearing a full-suit, Hether still turned purple after 30 minutes or so :)


Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Drive-by Body-pierce.

I got a little surprise last night. Well sorta. A while ago my buddy Liz asked me if I wanted to go see Beck. She said she could score some free tickets and probably get us backstage. Of course I was down and that was the last I heard about it. Time passed and I pretty much forgot all about it untill I got a call at 5:00 from Liz, telling me to be at her place at 6:15.

Well it turned out we didnt get backstage like I thought, but they were some awsome tickets (and free!). I saw Beck at Stanford during his "Odelay" tour and it was a top-notch show...full of all the quirky antics that you would expect.

Last night's show didn't quite have the same energy that the packed auditorium in Palo Alto could provide, but it had something else. It had Beck covering Hot In Herre...awsome. Fun times all around.

Despite having a great time at the concert there were some downsides. My soccer team had it's playoff game tonight which I had to miss. I hope we did well! Plus I was looking forward to hanging out with Heather for a bit. With the Bachelor party and stuff goin on all weekend it feels like I haven't seen her in a while. Hopefully we'll get to go surfing or something this afternoon.


Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Jake passed this on to me

thanks Jake!


Monday, June 23, 2003

What a weekend. It was great to spend so much time with the guys. Marc came down in Friday morning and thus began the bachelor party celebrations. Saturday was really the "official" part of the whole shindig but unofficially we were all getting together to send Marc into married life with a bang for the whole weekend. Marc is not really the type to go for crazy-stripper-jello-wrestling-porn-star-madness...and neither am I for that mattter, so it was probably a little (a lot) more tame that most of your standard affairs of this nature. Hopefully everyone had a good time.

I think there are probably those out there who feel like there should be strippers regardless of what the groom wants (or maybe _especially_ if the groom doesn't want it), but that doesn't make much sense to me. So we did it more "geek-style". We saw the Hulk on friday night (a pretty uneven film...really great at times and very awkward at others...but there's no denying the appeal of demon-poodles).

On Saturday we woke up and headed for Lake Hodges for some mountain biking. I had a great time and I think everyone else did too. The trail we took is an "out-and-back" trail which is nice when you are noobs like us because the second half of the ride allows you to sorta let loose more (since you know the terrain already). We also saw this strange and rare creature while biking through the back country. I have really been enjoying my mountain bike since I got it...maybe I enlisted some new converts that day. We then (continueing our geek-party) headed to a LAN place to play some 3 v 3 counter-strike. I haven't played CS in some time but it's still a great game.

The evening rolled around and after a glorious feast at the Old Town Mexican Cafe we headed to the Ultimate DJ Spinoff downtown at 4th and B. The spinofff was fun but wasn't quite as dynamic as we were all expecting. We sorta figured that it would feature two guys at seperate turntable stations batteling back and forth. It was more like 1 guy at a time doin his thing.

I also ran into my cousin (aka "Senior Dips") while I was there. That was a happy coincidence!

Sunday was "chill-time" we played some Def Jam Vendetta and went to the beach. The sun actully came out (against all odds) and made for a nice day in the sand.

During the weekend, Adam brought along Munchkin, a silly and very fun card game based on (poking fun at) dungeons and dragons. We played a few rounds of that over the weekend as well.

All in all...great company and great times.

Now it's monday and there's a bit of drama to deal with, but this shall pass eventually.



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