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Thursday, July 03, 2003
well yesterday ended up being a lot more mellow than I was expecting. We ended up utilizing some scripts that would automate a bunch of work. I just had to finished up a few animations and some camera angles and stuff. A lost of time was spent just waiting to find out what I could and couldn't do.

So there it was. Cap it off with some good mountian biking and some digital painting...and that's a good day.


Wednesday, July 02, 2003
well there's nothing like spending some time in the great big ocean and doing some surfing to cleans away the stress and wear of a long crazy work day. Talk about your exact opposite enviroments. Going from the closed-in world of my office to the wide-open spaces of the pacific ocean...that's good stuff. Tommorow likely holds more madness in store...but at least my batteries are fully recharged now.


Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Work is officially driving me crazy right now. There are a million little things all coming in at once making it difficult to make progress. Trying to just break it all down into little chunks.

On top of that the cheap-asses over at SOE didn't give us copies of SWG! I have never worked on a game and not gotten a copy of it once it was published...and this one even requires a subscription! Maybe I just got spoiled but I'm a lil pissed about that. That game will sell a miz-illion copies and they can't dole out 8 or 9 to the people who put in hours and hours of overtime so it would look good? Fuck that shit.


Monday, June 30, 2003
Summer time and the livin is easy

The sun is starting to assert itself a little more as June is about to disintegrate into July. As far as I am concerned summer officially beagan yesterdaywhen I went surfing without a wetsuit for the first time since last summer. I can't tell you how much more enjoyable surfing is when your just "trunkin it". The waves were closeing out a little too much to be really fun...but the sun was shining and the water was cool and refreshing, making for a great beach day.

Friday night Heather and I played some mini golf (we wagered a movie ticket on the game). I won but only by the hair of my chini-chin-chin (also known as "one stroke"). A friendly wager makes any game better.

On saturday I took Heather mountain biking at Rose Canyon. I had never been there before and it was Heather's first time biking on a trail which turned out to be a tricky combination. All in all we both rose to the challenge. Unfortunately I found the trail to be a lill more difficult than my guide book led me to believe and Heather struggled a bit. She still did really well though for her first time out, conquering a couple sections of loose rocks, moderate climbs, and charged through a few streams and stuff.

That night we joined Sharon and Trisha for "Charlie's Angels's: Full Throttle". How was it? Well...it was what it was. Previous to his full-fledged film career, "Angle's" director "McG" was a music video director...and it shows. These days it's probably a lil trite to call the ADD summer films "over-blown music videos" but that's about all you can say for this movie. It has tons of cool and creative camera work, outrageous stunts, flashy set-pieces, and some horrendous special effects...especially in the compositing. All of that is wrapped around a story that you could care less about. There are also about 3 or 4 too-many dance numbers in the movie (you'd be surprised how many top-secret installations have strip-clubs in them that allow easy access for the Angles to "shake their thang!"). There are some weak attempts at satire (CSI and Cape Fear), and pop-culture jokes that are either overdone or outdated.

Still...the movie has one thing going for it...it doesn't take itself at all seriously and doesn't pretend to be anything but mindless razzle-dazzle. On the other hand...just because you admit to farting....doesn't mean it don't stink.

Sunday like I said was mostly beach day. I did some cleaning and in the evening spoke to my good friend from way back, Wendy. It's always great to talk with her...luckily I'll be seeing her when we head up to 'Frisco for Marc and Gretechen's wedding. Huzzah!

And that's the weekend...



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