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Friday, July 11, 2003
I'm off to the city by the bay. Peace out!


Wednesday, July 09, 2003
So I was thinking the other day about how difficult it is to place memories with specific ages or years. I mean...sure, you can remember plenty of stuff from when you were a little kid, but can you place it within the year it happened? So I decided to see how far I could go back. In most cases I have more memories that I could proobably place to a specific year but I just wanted a sampling. Here's the list I came up with after a bit of thinking (PS I don't know if this will format right when it gets published...sorry if it looks disorginized:

Age Years Memories

28 2003 - 2004: marc's bachelor party, started mountain biking, interviewed for Animation Magazine, Face on the side of a Semi- Truck

27 2002 - 2003: met heather, spragg wedding, waterskiing with vittetoes,

26 2001 - 2002: Japan with Mike, started working for Sony, woken up by dad and told about "911" attacks, moved into solana
mar with mike G

25 2000 - 2001: Started working at Mortons, moved in with dad.

24 1999 - 2000: Millineum celebration with Rebecca at Time Square, spilled wine on kids head at P nova, surprise B-day party
compliments of Rena, hooked up withs tripper in Reno. Parent's divorce

23 1998 - 1999: Graduated from UCSC, moved into "condo", moved in with Sara and Iwan, Europe trip with Liz, broke up with
Rebecca on 4th of july, started "poker night" at condo. "She's pretty burly" started at Pizza Nova as delivery driver

22 1997 - 1998: Failed my Kant class, got stranded at the airport (twice) on Thanksgiving weekend, went to "Club Universe" in San
Fran with Rebecca, parents sold my childhood home, moved to Reno, saw "the video" at griffen home, got in car
accident with marc

21 1996 - 1997: 21st birthday with my dad, seando, Shawn, Liz, Mike and Marc in Las Vegas, started dating Rebecca. Spent all
summer refusing to work and surfing every day…had "best surf say ever" at rockpiles beach.

20 1995 - 1996: transferred to UC Santa Cruz, New York and Israel trip. Sunburned at shitty Peral Jam concert in Frisco. Saw
advanced screening of Mallrats with marc at comic-con. Bought first surf board and wet-suit

19 1994 - 1995: started at Palomar college, worked at "canterbury books and coffe, met Tanya B, saw Jewel play a lot at coffe
shops all over San Diego, got dumped by Liz. Became good friends with Wendy.

18 1993 - 1994: graduated Torrey Pines High School, water balloon raids, grad night, pre-grad night at club volcanoe with dax
shifrell and a shit load of other peeps, also The dawn of "disco stupe". Got taught to surf by Pete. Freshman at
UOP, got taught guitar by Doug

17 1992 - 1993: broke up with Sara, started dating liz. Got sick night before prom. Car accident off Manchester freeway exit.

16 1991 - 1992: started dating Sara (first girlfriend, first real kiss, first sexual expereince). Drivers liscenence, first car (volvo)--
raced it around with friends.

15 1990 - 1991: started as sophmore at TPHS, met Mike, met Marc. Played lost of street fighter at the 7-11 off Mango by Del Mar
Hights road. Poolside with mikey.

14 1989 - 1990: First year of High School at La Jolla country day. Frequently begged for junk-food money from Marc and Chance
(who charged outrageous interest). Outdoor education at Yosemite when I "held it" for 2 days while camping.
Frequent Thrill Books trips with BrianPursley

13 1988 - 1989: First year at La Jolla Country Day, got yelled at by Mr. Pritzker, sent to assistant principle for drawing racist
picture of classmate (under peer pressure). Wore a lot of Batman Clothing. Got "camper of the day at Big Bear
Tennis Ranch. Bar Mitzvah. Mellisa Rose. First Nintendo.

12 1987 - 1988: Hellish year at San Marcos Junior High. Got beat-up by a kid on crutches. Tested for "GATE" program (got in but
changed schools). Got in fight with Navine Chavllah twice and won on both occasions. Tested for brown belt in
martial arts

11 1986 - 1987: 1st graduating class of La Costa Medows elementry school. Got kicked in the balls for no reason by Jeremy on the
last day of school. Lake Powell/Vegas trip that summer with Harloffs whos daughter had just gotten dumped by
same Jeremy.

10 1985 - 1986: 5th grade at Alvin Dunn Elementary. Mr. Martin's high fly ball catching contests and end of semster "auctions"
(points were used to bid….you got points based on acedemics…so I never had too many points…some mom always
brought in a big cake). Learned to play Chess. (got pretty far in class tourny but didnt win)

9 1984 - 1985: Mr. Peatok teaching us about Nepal and Mt. Everest. He accused me of writing in chiniese because my handwritting
was so bad. Parents took me to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in Oceanside, we speculated as to wether or not Indi
and Marion got married after the end, and I played with my first transformer toy...a toy so cool I wasn't sure if it
was real or if I was dreaming. A teacher's aid came in to tell us that the space shuttle Challenger had exploded

8 1983 - 1984: My last year at Carden school. Running down the breezeway to the bus holding hands with a girl named Jennifer
who I had a crush on. Seeing Returnof the Jedi in the theaters with a bunch of older kids who scared me because
they said the word, "fuck" a lot.

7 1982 - 1983: Standing in line with my family to see E.T. and being worried that I was being taken to see a horror film.

6 1981 - 1982:

5 1980 - 1981: kindergarten at Carden school. Everyone was collecting stickers (like scratch-n-sniff) I was promised a set of
stickers if I would stop sucking my thumb so I waitied till nap time and did it under my blanket. Became best
friends with Charly Johnston.

4 1979 - 1980:

3 1978 - 1979:

2 1977 - 1978:

1 1976 - 1979:

0 1975 - 1976:

so that's the best I could do in an hour or so. A few holes there in 2nd and third grade. There were some things that I wanted to put down but couldn't remember an exact year for them.

I would be curious to see other people's memory lists as well...feel free to post them in the comments section!


Tuesday, July 08, 2003
C-Span...worth watching.

This happened during a C-Span presentation about books or something. Al Frankin and Bill o'Reilly start goin at it. It's pretty classic. The whole thing is about an hour and a half and the fireworks really don't start till about 25 minutes into it (once Al gets up to speak). Check it out if you've got the time.


When we last left our Hero he was about to embark on a glorious 4th of July adventure...

My 4th was just grand. Another amazing San Diego day full of bright warm sunlight and plenty of fun surfing at the beach. Heather and I went to a beach in Encinitas and it was really not that crowded. Beach-goers on the 4th tend to crowd around life gaurd towers making beaches like Moonlight and most of Del Mar total zoos. Walk down the beach a mile or so and it's not that bad at all.

In the evening we headed over to Adam and Diana's house to meet up with them as well as Iwan and Sara. The BBQ was set up and the festivities began. While standing around the grill with "the guys" I admitted that (despite attending plenty of BBQ's) I had never actually cooked on a grill myself before.

It was then that I was dubbed (mostly by myself) "Grill-Master". Which basically meant I was in charge of putting stuff on the grill...flipping it over...and taking it off. Huzzah!

I also got to spend some time with my friend Rebecca (from New York) and her new boyfriend this weekend. It's always great to spend time with the Rebs and her boyfriend seems like a lot of fun too. I only got to see them for a couple hours on saturday but it was still good times.

On Sunday I took Heather out mountain biking for her second time. This time I took her on a trail I know better and one that I thought she could definitly handle. She did really awsome and was even starting to feel more comfortable on the bike. Heather is a natural athlete but pretty timid. Still she's got just enough courage to conquor her fears and charge.

We made a couple of friends while biking on the trail. A couple of pit-bulls just sorta appeared out of the bushes and started trotting along beside us as we biked. The Pit Bulls (or more precisely their reputation as killers) made Heather a lil nervous but they were in fine spirits and just looked like they wanted to hang out.

It was rather odd though to see these two dogs, with no collars and no owners, out in the middle of no where. I told Heather not to worry and they were probably just her spirit guides sent to protect her from the coyotes that began to bay as the sun was setting.



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