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Friday, July 18, 2003
I was in kinda of a gumpy mood yesterday, but it was nothing taht some time in the ocean with the girlfriend couldn't fix.

I was on National Public Radio last night (at least the San Diego version) as a caller. The show is called "the Lounge", and they were talking about Animie (because the Comic Book Convention is in town). I had a few comments to add to the discussion (because I think I'm so smart), and they took my call. SO huzzah for that. That was actually the second time I called in to a radio show...making me a complete loser.

It's funny because I rarely hear a comment from a listener calling in, and feel like that person has at all enhanced the content of the show. Somehow that didnt stop me from thinking that I had something relevant to add.


Wednesday, July 16, 2003

My San Fran weekend.

So it was that Heather and I ventured up north to take part in Marc and Gretchen's wedding. There was a bit of a debacle with the car rental. The company wouldn'y accept my debit card. Which is strange because that's the card number that I gave to get the reservation in the first place. You would think they woudn't let you reserve a car using something they don't accept.

Heather and I stayed at Eric's beautiful home in Noe Valley. We hardly had time to really appreciate the place though since we were running around the city for most of our time there. We did get some opportunities to visit with Wendy however (who is also living at that house for now) which was very cool.

My friend Mike and I were both "best men" at the wedding which meant we both had plenty of stuff to do during the weekend.

Hangin out with Mike and Marc is always such a blast. I just hope Heather wasn't totally annoyed by the deluge of private jokes and gigigling mischief that came with the three of us coming together.

It was funny to watch Marc get progressivly more nervous as Sunday approached. Each time we talked to him he wanted us to arrive at the wedding location a little earlier. Everything went off perfectly though. Marc and Gretchen looked so completely stoked. The weather was outstanding. The food was great and the DJ provided the best music of any wedding I've been to. (Marc was fortunate to work with someone who actually spins proffesionaly at clubs and stuff).

The only "emergency" that came up was the whole "tie" thing. Mac had forgotten his tie at home (which was across the Golden Gate Bridge and about 20 minutes away). I had to jump in the rental car and race back into the city to go pick it up and I had a scant 45 minutes to do it in.

When I arrived at the apartment I called Marc so he could help me find it. The conversation went like this:

Me: So where's this pink tie now?
Marc: In the back ofthe closet on a red hanger
Me: I see a tie here...it's got a lot of flowers on it.
Marc: Thats the one! Thats the one!
Me: It looks more lavender to me...

Ahhh good stuff. Anyhow. You can see some cool video of the whole thing, including the toasts given by both Mike and I, here.


well I'm back from San Fran, but I'll have more on my wekend trip later.

First a couple things:

1) Check out this example of baditude that Meredith sent me. Funny stuff.

2) I got an email from a "random" viewer (someone who had never met me before. He was responding to something he saw on my website. Here's the email he sent me:

I agree that a lot of bands have some pretty lame names, but make sure to do
at least a little research if you are unsure of the name's meaning. Lake
Bodom in Finland was the site of a large scale killing spree. The band got
it's name from the idea that they were the children of the survivors of
"Bodom" (all finnish people know what Bodom is, much as we know what 9-11
is, same sort of deal). The idea is that the band lives on through tragedy.
They sing "among the victims who died, something wild has survived", the
wild being their music. It's such an awesome name when you know it's true
meaning and its depth. Nice page besides that one though.

Woah! Called out by a Bodom fan! Anyhoo. I wasn't really interested in getting inot a fight with this guy. I sent him some emails back thanking him for the free education and explaining that really the whole page was just a big joke. I updated the page though...so hoefully the guy feels better about the whole thing.

3) for some reason there's a large part of me that wants to own an R.V. Just a small one to cruise around in...take road trips and stuff. It would be cool to throw the mountain bike and surfboards in something like this, and just go exploring.



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