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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
My Jaw Hurts.

I got elbowed in the face tonight in our soccer match. We were ahead by 3 goals but ended up with a draw after letting in 3 goals in the last 6 minutes of the game. One of those goals bounced in off my foot.


I have found a great new source of inspiration. Oddly enough it's called eat poo. It's a forum for illustrators to post work and get critiques. It's a pretty snobby club but that just means that the majority of the work is top-notch. unlike the crap that gets posted here. In general the critiques are actually pretty lame, but the artwork posted up is very inspiring. Perhaps the best thing about it is the "weekly activities". A great way to keep your art muscles in shape.

Last weekend was great fun. This was due mostly to our company picnic which was held at Crown Point. Heather and I went together...grabbed some food, played some smashball, and (best of all) got to haul ass on some wave-runners. Because we couldn't get enough watersports, we headed over to Cherry Hill to do some surfing afterwards. A great, great day.

Sunday I hung out with my Dad and ko. Their new home is almost completed and it's pretty fuckin amazing. It reminds me of a cartoon from "Childhood is Hell" where bongo designs his "Dream Dorm" complete with a helipad, arcade room, "fun-slide" and an octopus.

I was inexplicably sore from wave-running the day before, so I spent the rest of my sunday drawing and painting and being mellow.

This week is Siggraph which is an exciting trade-show that covers computer graphics in all of it's many forms. Unfortunately I was a moron and didn't understand the registration procedure so I am not going. There are some cool Maya classes being offered by Alias Wavefront that take place off-site from the convention so I am going to those all week.

Tommorow night is poker-night....wish me luck!



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