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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Because you demanded it...more blog!

Well actually it was Diana that demanded it...so Diana...this post is for you! (allthough much of it will be repeats of conversations had over the weekend)

Dia De los Muertos:

this was the image I posted on the "eatpoo" forum. It was my first post there and I was basically hoping to just not get flamed. I did it for their activity of the week (which was "Dia De Los Muertos"). While the "leaning tower" on the left is unfortunate , I thought the rest of the image came out pretty good. It got no comments (good or bad) which was fine with me for my first post there.

So what do you get when you combine the integrity and tradition of National Geographic with the hype and circus-circus style of FOX? You get Bug Attack!. Basically a mix of sensationalism and really cool stuff about bugs. They showed this Giant Japanese Hornet going to town on some "regulah" honey bees. It was unreal.

Here's a thought I had last weekend: It seems to me that having kids is a big rip-off. I mean...I'm glad I got had (if that makes sense) but seriously: You spend the first couple years just...doin stuff for it. It can't do anything but make you lose sleep, make you clean up after it, and "coo". then it get's interesting for about 6 years or so. It can talk and it thinks your some sort of god...which I guess would be fun. But then it turns 12 and becomes a total bastard untill it turns 18...at which point you give it a couple hundred million dollars to go to college (just to get it out of your hair I guess). They come home from college and just mooch off you for years. The key is...to like...go the Olsen twins route. Force them into the harsh world of the public spotlight as you steal all their hard earned child-actor monies. Now THAT makes sense.

Otherwise you spend all this time and money to raise someone who spends their adult life avoiding your calls.

Kidding of course. You gotta let me get cynical once in a while.

So My weekend was full of sun...just like a proper summer weekend should be. We haven't had too many of those it seems like this year. Hopefully we'll get some extednd sunny days into October as a trade-off. Friday Heather and I did some bike riding around town. I took off early that day which helped make the weekend feel good and long.

Saturday I drove Heather to what would be her last treatment of oxygen therapy (at least for now). I went to the place she was going to in Santa Monica and that one seemed pretty legit. It was in a nice new building, with clean modern stuff everywhere.

The place that she went to in San Diego looked like something out of Resident Evil. It was in an abandoned hospital in the middle of the hood.

Right...an _abandoned_hospital_ full of flickering florecent lights, old equipment, and faded unused "emergency" signs. The only room in operation was the hyperberic place Heather was going to. Very sketchy. I cruised back into the downtown area while heather was in "the chamber" and sat outside to draw. The rest of the day was spent in the beach. Despite rumors of a big swell rolling in...it was mostly just mushy and blown out. Still...it's always fun to get in the water on a warm summer's day.

We also hung out with the Spraggs on Saturday night. Always a treat.

Sunday I spent most of the day riding my bike. I rode from my house to my dad's place in La Costa and back (stopping mid-way at my dad's place for a swim). I'm guessing it was about 20 miles worth of riding...mostly flat costal stuff. It wasn't too tough but I hadn't eaten much that day and when I hit the last hill before making it home I was super hungry. So I stopped at the farmer's market (every sunday in Solana Beach) and got a bag of almonds and a nectarine. Maybe it was because I was so hungry...but god damn if those weren't the best tasting almonds...and the sweetest, juciest fuckin nectarine I've ever eaten.

The whole weekend was extremly satisfying. Sunday night I spent with Heather. We went to see "seabiscuit", which was pretty good. I mean...your not going to get any surprises in it. Not only is it based on history, but It's your standard, life-affirming, "underdog" movie. Still...it's pretty hard not to get suckered in by it. It was chock full of great performances and I really liked how the movie constantly sets the events of the central story within the context of the cultrual zeitgeist of the 1920's, 30's and 40's.

...that's right...I said "zeitgeist " mutha fucka! Zeitgeist is one of those words used by people like me who aren't as smart as they think :)


oh yeah...this is awsome!


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