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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
hello again

Another long break between postings.

I've been keeping myself pretty busy. Football season is really starting to pick up steam as the pre-season is almost over and the real season is about to begin. Not only that but the newest version of Madden has just been released. With that begins the newest season of the company video football league that gave been running for 3 years now. All the talk around the water cooler revolves around videogame football.

On Saturday I got to do something interesting in that I attended the wedding of my first girlfriend, Sara. It was held in Ventura at her parent' house. Specifically in their garden which was amazing. A large, multi-tiered floral extravaganza. All manner of plants and flowers (clearly on permenant display and not just shipped in for the festivities) spread out everywhere. Once the sun went down the lights shown from paper lanterns and white holiday lights. It was very pleasing.

Christian (the groom) wept almost uncontrollably while delivering his vows and ended up turboing through them just so he could finish. If you ever saw Chris Clien's campaign speech in the movie "Election", just add some sobbing and you'll know exactly what it sounded like :)

Iwan and Sara also were in attendance and showed up just as the bagpipes played their last licks while the newlyweds marched away. At least they got there in time for the food.

The wedding was fun and I got to see a few old friends from times past. An interesting conversation took place though at the dinner table between myself and the date of one of said old friends (Liza was the old friend, I don't remember her dates name). Anyway, people were talking about what they did for a living and when I explained my job some of the guys were asking me what games I had worked on.

Upon mentioning that I did a lot of work for Star Wars Galaxies this guy exclaims "I play that game!" Which animations did you do? Actually I probably (at one stage or another) worked on pretty much all of them. However when it came to the blending and looping I was in charge of all the dancing animations. Not really your "high profile" stuff. Most people are probably most fascinated by the combat animations.

Anyhow I start to explain all this and before I can really get started he interuptes me and asks, "wait a minute....did you do the dancing animations?"

"Actually yea. I was in charge of all the dancing animations"

the guy got all excited saying, "I have to shake your hand, those are awsome!"

funny stuff.

So the Wedding was good and I took Heather's advice and decided against making a toast to "the woman who's virginity I took" :)

While in Ventura we stayed with Heather's friends Carrey and Ryan who were great hosts and great company.

Satruday ALSO marked the year anniversary of my romantic relationship with Heather. Huzzah for that. Because of the wedding, we decided to just celebrate on Sunday night. We spent the time together at Calypso, which was the scene of our first date. It was a great night.

Now it's Tuesday and a soccer game fast approaches. Till next time...



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