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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

My comments aren't working again. I need to find a more reliable comment's system because the one I'm using now sucks ass. You get what you pay for I guess.

I got 6 emails sent to me today, all with viruses attached to them. Viruslist.com is reporting that the "sobig" virus (which is what I was sent) is being transmitted now with the help of spamming technology. Taking a look at my inbox...that makes sense.

Anyhow, make sure you don't open any attachemnts from people you don't know. I'm sure you know that already though.

In other news our soccer team continues to underachieve and Iwan continues to get pissed off at referees. I didn't really see what caused all the commotion tonight but he was none-too-pleased! We ended up playing to a draw, but we really shoulda beat that team. Despite missing some scoring opportunities I think I played pretty well and that makes me happy.

Off to finish my laundry.


Monday, August 18, 2003
as promised here is a sketch of Bob Sister Christian's wedding atire (minus the tears of course)

complete with "romper-stomper" brand suspenders, and skull-and-crossbones tie...it's pure baditude.

Yesterday had some other events of mention.

It begins with the end of the drive home from Big Bear. Heather slept very poorly the night before...and in fact her symptoms have been preventing her from getting regular healthy sleep lately. So she was feeling pretty crummy. When we left the rest of the group, she kinda had a break-down.

You can imagine how depressing it would be to be sick for three years and not see any signs of it letting it up.

While the whole thing is obviously very difficult for her...it's also a little tough for me. Not that I'm looking for sympathy, but it's hard when someone important to you is upset, and there is nothing you can do for them.

So I was feeling really down once she and I parted ways for the day. There was really only two things that would have made me feel better and the first (cureing my girlfriend's illness) wasn't really in my power.

So instead I went on an implusive shopping spree.

I had been looking into those for a while and I figured I'd finally up and buy one. We'll see if I actually use it once the "newness" of it wears off.

I purchased this wonderous device at the new FRY's in San Marcos. That place is amazing. It's like the lobby of a big Vegas hotel and Casino. It's a giant edifice dedicated to joys of consumerism. You walk in this store for the first time and you think to yourself...God Bless America.

Even if you don't believe in god.

So if your in the San Marcos Area you should check it out.

I came home and played with my new toy a bit and then spent some more time with Heather (who slept much better last night).

The end.


Sunday, August 17, 2003

so what's passed since we last spoke? Iwan pointed out that I forgot to mention Christian's atire at his wedding (the one I spoke of in my last post). So I will be posting a drawing of said wedding attire later. Normally I would disaprove of such an outfit at a wedding...but since he was the groom...I guess it's okay.

My week at work was pretty mellow. Most everyone is still buzzing with the excitement that the new Madden season brings to everyone's hearts and minds. As such there has been quite a bit of "pre-season" games goin on.

Speaking of pre-season. How about that Mike Vick eh? Now he and I BOTH hate the pre-season.

This weekend A group of friends and I were invited to spend some time up in Big Bear. Our friends Norm and Teri, who's family have an amazing place on the lake there, were the ones who extedned the invite. Iwan and I brought our mountain bikes with us and on Saturday we headed over to Snow Summit to do a little downhilling.

Now...I have never actually ridden my mountain bike in a strictly downhill area yet. This is not to say that I haven't gone down hills on different trails and stuff. But it seems to me that your standard cross country trail rider and your psycho/baditude/madmax/down-hiller ....are very different people. These guys take on some crazy terrain. Very cool to watch. Now I know why my friend Rebecca was so dubious when I told her I had taken up the sport.

The rest of the day was spent on the lake. It was an amazing day...hot and sunny and the lake water felt great. We also did some kayaking and...strangely enough...some floating trampolining. Evenings were filled with BBQ's, and assorted games.

We played "Guestures" which was basically "charades" with a bit of a twist. Heather turned out to be the fan-favorite in that game...especially for her timeless rendition of "vomit".

Sunday we arrived home. Heather had some wedding shower to go to and I hit the beach. I was pretty worn out form the previous day's activities so I just layed out in the sun, did some fantasy football research and took a quick dip in the ocean rather than bringing my surf board out.

While I was gone, my roommate threw a ragin party. Phipps showed up and apparently contemplated urinating on my bed. Thankfully...this did not happen...allthough I should check to make sure nothing else was defiled.


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