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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
I had me a dentist apointment yesterday.

I always find the dentist office to be kinda sad. Everybody has to (or should try to) go to the dentist, and no one likes doing it. Unlike the DMV, where everyone working there seems to be trying to make your life miserable, the dentist office is always stocked with friendly people, pleasant lighting, soft, happy, music floating through the PA, and plenty of interesting and informative magazines.

Yet despite all that, I hate going there. It's not even really that painfull (as long as you keep your teeth relatively clean between visits). Another thing that came to me while I was sitting in the chair...mouth agape...is that the fingers of the person who cleans your mouth must get awfully tired at the end day.

Anyway my hygenist was clearly starving because her stomach kept growling while she was working on me. Just another strange noise added to a soundscape full of scrapings and whirrings.


Monday, August 25, 2003
another solid weekend in the books.

Unfortunately this was the last weekend before Heather had to go back up to school in smell-A. Boo!

So lesee....on Thursday Heather and I saw "Step Into Liquid." Excellent movie. All I can say is that you need to see it, even if you don't surf, but especially if you do. Adam and Diana saw it and quickly signed up for "Baditude's School of Wave Riding" on sunday. Read about their experiences here.

Friday was mellow as I recall. My dinner of spinach salad flopped due to the fact that the brand new bag of spinach I bought was already rotting. Blech.

Saturday was a whirlwind of fun. Heather and I awoke relativly early and headed over to Stonesteps beach for their annual longboarding competition. Last year Heather competed and won thrid place in the women's division. This year she opted out, but our friends Kelowna and Paul both competed so we went to watch. Kelowna ended up taking first place (for the second year in a row), Paul didn't make it to the final heat unfortunately.

I was only able to watch a few heats though because Saturday was also draft day for our Fantasy Football group. The bash was held at my dad's new place and was good clean fun. At the end of the day we all had good food, some good swimming and good teams (at least till the season starts).

That evening, after dining at La Especial with Iwan, Heather and I hit up the Stone Steps party (held for the contestants of the day's surf contest), and we went to some sort of Encinitas Life-Gaurd party. The later event was not so fun...but I saw an old friend from Pizza Nova there, Christine Bradly. So that was cool.

Sunday was pretty much all about fun in the sun. I went surfing with Heather in the morning, went to visit my grandparents and went swimming in their pool, then hit the beach with Adam and Diana for more surfing as surf lessons.

Teaching people how to surf is extremely difficult. There are a few pointers you can give, and a couple of suggestions, but mostly it's just a feeling. The ocean is always in a state of flux, every wave is different, every board is different, and every person reacts differently to all those different situations. Hopefully I was able to help a lil bit. Nobody drowned or anything so I suppose it went pretty well :)

I met back up with Heather later that night for dinner and then saw her off to Los Angeles. I spent the rest of the night playing Madden 2004. Our season at work starts today and you can feel the electricity around the office. Everyone is pumped!!!



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