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Thursday, September 11, 2003
It's been two years now since the WTC fell, and I haven't distanced myself from that tragedy enough, to stop acknowledging it. As I drove to work today I was thinking about how my life has changed since that day. It doesn't really seem like it has. Aside from waiting in longer lines at the airport, I am probably doing today, exactly what I would have been doing had those planes never left the ground.

Other people were not so lucky. There were of course the some 3000 people who were killed on that day, and the families they left behind. Perhaps equally as tragic are the rescue workers who still suffer terribly thanks to all the debris they inhaled while responding to the tragedy. There were plenty of people who's jobs were threatened or lost, and plenty more people who ended up far away from the friends and familes as a result. Finally there are those people who were re-introduced to one of our countries most embarassing traditions.

For me...individually...I would guess that my day-to-day life has changed very little. I would venture to guess that a lot of us are probably in that boat. Hopefully that means that in some important ways that those attacks failed. That people can still be excited about football, surf on the weekends, and enjoy time with their friends and family, relatively free from worry, is (I suppose) evidence of that.

While my life seems to have stayed it's course, the world seems a little different. There's always going to be international tensions of course. Governments will always disagree and the ruthless will always struggle for more power. But I can't remmeber a time when our nation bickered so much with its allies. Our nation's military has been engaged (first in Afghanistan, and then in Iraq) abroad for almost 2 years now. The first Gulf war lasted only 7 months and even though Bush jr. "officialy" ended the war in Iraq months ago, some 150 americans have died there since.

I know that's no "D-day" but it's hard to say that our troubles are over in that region.

Remember when all we really had to worry about was whether or not our president was having affairs with fat chicks? Actually I'm romantisizing our history a bit...but still with North Korean posturing, and the bitterness between Israel and Palestine spiraling further and further out of control, everything just seems ot be dancing closer and closer to the edge.

After all that...the two big bad guys, Saddam and Bin Laden are still un accounted for.

Anyhow...now i'm just rambling. I guess my point is that while my life in particular hasn't changed that much since the WTC attacks, I know our world has. That many lives have been lost and many have suffered. Because of that it's worth taking a few moments to reflect on what happened a few years ago and think about how it changed our world.


Monday, September 08, 2003
well it's been a little while. I had a nice juicy post that I worked on earlier last week, but it got zapped.

So here's what's been happening. Recently I got locked in a bathroom. I was staying at my girlfriend's house. Iwan likes to stress the fact that it was late at night and no one else was there, yet I still felt I needed to bolt the door closed.

To be fair, the bolt lock was the only lock available.

Anyhow, the lock jammed and I was stuck in there trying to MacGyver my way out with a butter-knife for about an hour. Eventually Pete and Liz showed up and sprung me loose.

Later that weekend I had another misadventure while administering a shot to Heather. Quick background: As a part of Heather's current treatment, she needs to take intramuscular medicine. Which basically means she needs to get shots in her butt. I've done it a number of times with no problems, but this time I performed the "initial stab" with a little too much force and we could both clearly hear the *clunk!* of the needle colliding with her pelvic bone.

It was probably the grossest sound I have ever heard. Your just _not_ supposed to be able to ever stab your girlfriend in the bone. Awfull. Heather didn't really get hurt by it and the inegrity of the needle was not compromised, but we were both very freaked out for a bit. Heather exclaimed, "Geez you like Arnold Schwarzenegger with that thing!"

In other news I've been doing a lot of surfing, and playing a lot of Star Wars Galaxies. I've been surfing so much that when I am in my office playing SWG I can smell the salty, seaweed air. When I go out to surf and am waiting for sets to come in I frequently think about what exotic corners of Corellia I will explore during my next Log-in. Anyhow...I'm not totally sold on MMORPG's yet, but so far I am enjoying this game. I'm sure it has a lot to do with how "invested" I am in the Star Wars universe. In the game I have met some major (npc) characters:

...which makes everything seem more "star-warsy" so that's cool. If you play, look for me on the "Starsider" server under the handle "Baditude Eron".

This last weekend was pretty eventful. It was my grandmother's 80th birthday party on saturday. I was chosen to represent the family...especiallythe younger members and give a toast. I think it went pretty well and I generally have fun speaking in public. It's really hard to tell though how good everything came off because everyone will come up and compliment the toaster wether he/she sucks or not.

I could tell my grandmother was touched and that was really the most important part.

Anyhow the party was pretty fun depite the fact that it was basically "Invasion of the old people". There was good food, and lots of relatives I dont get to see that much and even my brother Sean managed to make his way onto the dance floor. You have to call it a succesfull party at that point.

My mom was also in town this weekend. I always enjoy seeing my mom. It's really too bad that she lives so far away. She stayed at my apartment, which is a little difficult since I don't have a guest room and I am the sort of person that likes to have some personal space from time-to-time. Still we had a good time together, I got to take her to the beach, and on a bike-ride. We watched some football together...watching football with my mom is funny because she tends to call all the players "sissies" when they get tackeled.

I also finally got around to watching "A Beautiful Mind". I had sort of decided to hate this movie when it first came out. I mostly felt it was trying to generate "synthetic oscar buzz" (whatever that means) and I was tired of Russell Crowe then, in the same way that I am tried of Collin Farrell now. However I ended up really likeing it in-spite of myself. The whole "twist" had already been sorta spoiled for me, but I think I might not have liked it as much without knowing a lil bit of that plot point in advance.

It's hard to say since I was never in that position, but it seemed a little obvious to me, and I think I would have been pissed off at a "weak surprise". Who knows though...I was caught completely off-gaurd by the Others which was completely obvious and totally derivative. So there you go.

Finally, I got to spend time with Eric and Wendy Cheng today. It's always good to spend time with either of them...especially since our visits are so rare. They were very patient with me as I showed them around my work and stuff. They may have been bored but at least _I_ had a good time :)

whew...that's a lotta stuff. See ya next time!



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