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Thursday, September 25, 2003
I had this plan for my week off. It consisted of a lot of sun and a lot of surfing. The weather and the ocean have conspired against me. I don't wanna say my vacation was ruined...just not quite what I was hoping for. Oh well...it's still been a pretty nice break though.

That's it for now.


Monday, September 22, 2003
First and foremost: video issues.

I don't know what happened with the Spider video. The original video plays fine on my machine, I tried uploading it once more last night but that didn't seem to help. I suppose I could try and compress it once more from a larger version I have. Any suggestions?

I also was working on a really cool lil video from my high school reunion. Unfortunatly I have reached the limitations of my curent editing equipment. Actually...to be more precise...my capturing equipment. For some reason when I capture the video from my camera (using a program called "pixela") it severely darkens the image. It's okay for most of the stuff I do, but the reunion was sorta a "low-light" affair. Most of the stuff looks okay when seen directlly from my camera, but once it goes through that pixella program it's too murky and pretty much unreadable.

So I need to go talk to my boys over at the cinematics department and see if they can help me out. Untill then...I'll leave you with the following screen captures. Adam talked about this over at his blog, along with a great description of the events of the evening. Basically a number of sony's camera products have a "night-shot" feature, which allows you to film in very low light. The colors get all washed out and everything has a green tint, but it's the only way to see stuff at night without lights. As a (unintended) bonus, it can see through some fabrics. The images below are from the dance floor of the reunion. The only photoshop I did to this was an auto-level (which happily took out a lot of the green crap), and a re-size. Just like the original video image you can clearly see some underwear!

So anyway, the Reunion was a lot of fun. It was surprisingly a lot like high school was. We hung around, made fun of people. I had grown out of disliking certain people...and never really gave them a chance to prove that they had grown up. It was great to see old friends who I had basically lost touch with.

Before the big night I was talking to my dad about the whole event and he gave me this lil "pep-talk". He told me that I should "walk in that room with confidence", and that I "looked great" and had "a good respectable job". I assured him several times that I wasn't at all apprehensive about the event, but thanked him for the pre-game speech none-the-less.

Sunday was football time, and I slid into someone else's Charger ticket (probably Teri's). It was Norm who invited me down to the game along with the Ad-man and some others. The Bolts dissapointed us once again, but the seats were amazing and gave us a great view of the humiliating ass-kicking:

and that was my weekend. Now I'm on vacation. I just took a week off to h ang out, do some surfing and some mountain biking. You know...just relax guy!



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