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Thursday, October 02, 2003
I'm off to Tacoma / Seattle! Back in a few.


Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Lots to talk about today so I suppose I'll get to it. The theme of today's post is "links"

I've been listening to Neil Diamond a lot recently...tell me that's not the best picture ever. I dare you. I double dare you. Actually...there's a picture later on in this post that's the best picture ever...but this comes in second.

Here's a brief description of what I listened to on the way to work this morning:

KNX 1070: Rush Limbaugh said on the ESPN pre-game show that he'd always felt that Eagles quarterback Donnavan McNabb was overated by a media that wanted to see a black quarterback do well.

"What the heck?" I think to myself, and immediatly switch to Jim Rome. Rome is talking about the whole debacle at length. Brings up a couple good points, fields a few calls. "Got it," I think, "I wonder if Rush is on the Radio right now talkin about it."

Turn to KFI. Rush is indeed on! What a treat. My favorite part about his side of the story is that he claims that it's not his statement that brought racial politics into the limelight....it's "the media reaction" that turned the whole thing into a spectical.


But what can you expect? Like a caller on Rome said; what's surprising is that it's all of 4 weeks into the season and this is the first time he's said something asinine from his new post on ESPN's NFL countdown show. He's finally doing what he's being paid to do. If the executives at the cable sports channel didn't want inflamatory, controversial, speech....they certainly wouldn't have hired the guy.

Speaking of asinine....or at least ass-inine. I have to make a confession. Most of the time I like portray myself as someone who is sensitive, sophisticated...maybe a lil aloof. I like to think that my "crude" comments are understood satirically. The whole baditude thing is obviously (at least I hope it's obvious) a big joke.

But there are times when I succumb to certain instincts, and am no better than Benny Hill:

This...is one of those times. What can I say?

(other than wow).

okay enough of Eron the Lech.



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