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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Well I'm back in San Diego. Work is starting to get a little hectic, but I've time for some good old fashion bloggin.

First: My Seattle trip.

Last weekend I went to visit my good buddy Mike who lives in Tacoma. It was sorta a last minute thing (my dad had some free air travel that was about to expire), so there was no real activity or event that drew me up there, I just figured I'd stop in and see what my buddy was up to. The weather was typically Pac-North-West: over-cast and grey. What's funny about Seattle and the surrounding areas is that when you visit there, you realize that their pop-cultural contributions in the early ninties was no mere "fad" to them. It's like going back to high school when walking around there...all flannels, jeans, and doc martins.

I ate sushi twice during my visit, each time with a different friend of Mike's. On Friday we dined in Seattle with Gwen. Gwen was a very cool girl who had an unnatural facination with stuff that both Mike and I love. Stuff like Tolkien and MST3k. Probably the only thing that really makes it unnatural is the fact that she's a she. Go figure. Gwen was a lil nervous about being photographed. She was adamant that her face in the first photo not be shown on my website. She didn't much care for the second one either, but I thought it looked kinda cool...like some sorta mitsubishi commercial. The third one was finally given the green light:

After dinner we went to Kells and saw some irish rock group belt out a tune or two. I had a good dinner and enjoyed meeting Gwen...who passed out drunk on the couch when we got home :)

Saturday was kinda a wash. We woke up late and went to breakfast, got home and pretty much played Madden football all day and into the night. We finally broke it up and "got outta the house" by going to a movie: Jack Black's School of Rock. Bitter mike wasn't very impressed and I havbe to say I was hoping for a little more, but Jack Black's antics were generally enough to keep me smiling throughout. We rounded off the day with "Prince of Space". It's a happy coincidence that the initials for this movie are "P.O.S."...easilly one of the funniest MST's I've seen in a good while.

So despite not doing much that day we had a blast.

Sunday we headed back into Seattle to watch the NFL games. I had been engaged in a serious shit-talking battle with my good friend the Birdman, regarding our fantasy football battle that week. The pre-game back-and-forth had escalated to such a degree that I was actually nervous about eating crow if my team (which in reality I have little to no control over) lost.

Fortunatly for me, I won by more than a little bit. Huzzah for me. On the down side my beloved Chargers still suck ass and have yet to pull out a win this season. Mike was similarly dissapointed with his giants but didn't have the luxury of a fantasy football win to right his course. At least the Raiders lost.

The rest of the time we just cruised around the city of Seattle which was really cool. We went to REI's flagship store. Let me tell you: that is no small place. It has it's own rock climbing wall and outdoor, off-road mountain bike trail. For Dinner...it was back to a Sushi place. This one was just down the street from where we went two nights before. This time we hung out with Mike's friend George. Not quite as "geek-literate" as Gwen but equally fun to be around. George is an Eagles fan...and yet somehow he and Mike get along.

more pics: REI, Mike watching the Giants lose, and me trying on mikes cheeky captain's berret.

Sunday night had one more game of Madden and one more episode of MST (the Devil Doll) in store for us and then it was off to bed. An early flight home on Monday = the end of my vacation.

and I'm spent.



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