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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Here's what I want: A Mike Tyson's Greatest Hts video. I don't mean Mike Tyson punching people out. I mean Mike Tyson talking. Mike Tyson talking is one of the funniest things in the world to me. It's one of those things that seems so made up that I might just believe we're living in the matrix.

I've searched the internet for audio files of some of the stuff he says (his obscenely ridiculous voice is half of what makes it so funny) but the best one I could come up with is this one.

I did find a good list of his quotes to read...there are some doozies in there. But if anyone finds themselves wathing TV late one night and sees some infomercial about a DVD with all of Iron Mike's press conferences or something...just order the damn thing for me and I'll pay you back.


Despite my lack of interest in Baseball I usually tune into a playoff game or two, and generally have a few teams I'd like to see win. Of course you can never root for the Yankees. They might as well trade in their pinstripes for swastikas as far as most people are conscerned.

This year...being a fairly skeptical person...I was rooting for all those "cursed" teams (the Cubs and the Red Sox) to win. As most of us know by now...the Cubs fell apart and won't be moving on to the big show. So now I guess I'll have to put all my luke-warm, baseball emotion behind the Red Sox.

So um....go sox.


I'm talking to my buddy and fellow gamer the Adman the other day and I tell him I'm still playin a lot of Star Wars Galaxies. And he says, "So you're havin fun with it eh?"

I find I really can't answer that question. On the one hand, I have put hours upon hours of time into my character in the game. I certainly wouldnt be spending my free time doing that if I weren't having fun right?

Yet on the other hand...I can't really describe what exactly is fun about it. I play quite a bit of games. I think I've gotten pretty good at being able to describe what I like or don't like about a particular game experience...but with this game...I just don't know.

Somethig keeps bringin me back to it though...


I scored a goal in our last soccer game (on tuesday). Huzzah! It was probably the best goal I have ever scored...if sloppy lucky goals are considered "good".

Basically it was a 50/50 ball between me and the goal keeper. I ran in as hard as I could hoping the keeper would back down. He didn't. Two things became clear...one of us was going to touch the bouncing ball with our bodies...and then we were going to slam into eachother.

I closed my eyes, and sorta half-jumped into the air, twisting my body to the side, holding my hands up to protect my head. We collided, his elbow dug into my back. I landed on my feet and spun around in time to see the ball roll slowly passed the line and into the net.

I pumped my fist triumphantly into the air!


we won 6-4, and Iwan got pissed off at the referees again.


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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Welcome back.

Monday night was a prefect example of how gambling and fantasy football can turn a boring game into a great one.

Iwan had a parlay bet going that needed Torry Holt to have a big game, Peerless Price to have a weak game, and for no player to get a touchdown over 40 yards.

I was trailing my FF opponent by almost 40 points with only St. Louis QB Marc Bulger left to play for me. Meaning I needed a huge game from him.

Adam and My Dad where playing eachother Adam needed St. Louis Reciever Isaac Bruce to do well, while my dad had St. Louis reciever Torry Holt and running back Lamar Gordon.

Basically what this meant was that we were all hoping the Rams would put up a ton of points on offense. Since most of us were watching the game together, there was shouting and cheering a-plenty even though the Rams were simply dominating the game.

The action was expecially fun when the Bulger would drop back to pass. I was hoping for touchdowns, while Adam was shouting for the ball to go to Bruce, and my Dad and Iwan would scream for Holt to get the ball...and all the while Iwan would pray for "no long touchdowns!"

Good clean fun...even though I lost my FF game.

In other news: Work is very busy. Hopefully I can churn these animations out good and fast...I think our deadline looms large.

This weekend is Heather's birthday and grand festivities are planned. Feasting and music are scheduled and all the southern cali socialites have marked their calenders. Should be fun.



Monday, October 13, 2003
I just realized that my last post began numbered ("First: My Seattle Trip") but was really only about one topic...

...I just blew your mind.

The ballad of Sean-Do (sung to the tune of "A Boy Named Sue")

Just kidding. I'm not going to try and work that out...maybe some day. I'll just say that Life aint easy for a boy like Sean-do.

The latest chapter in Sean-do's life involves he and his girlfriend. They had made plans to move out to Austin, Texas recently. So committed, Sean quit his job, closed down his 401k account to pay for a moving truck, and arranged to have the house that he was living in sold.

Keep in mind that while Sean was supposed to be paying rent, my dad (who owns the place) had effectivly been paying his rent. His woman -- had also been living there --without even having to pretend to pay for anything.

After he had done all that, his lady-friend decided that she actually didn't want to move to Austin after all and that instead she was staying here in California, and moving in with a friend of hers.

Sean has a way of becoming very attached to people and I don't think he realizes that he's being dumped. Plus he has no job, no where to live and a big rental truck full of nowhere to go.

*Sigh* poor sean-do.



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