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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
here are some photos of the craziness here in San Diego. These are taken at my work in Mira Mesa...pretty far from where the actual fires are so it's not THAT crazy.

these are taken with my lil palm camera, so it couldn't quite capture everything...I tried to help get some of the whacky colors across in photshop but I didnt do a very good job...but you get the picture...it's gross here.

All that stuff that looks like fog is really smoke and ash.




Monday, October 27, 2003
Wow...what a crazy firestorm this has been.

A few days ago some dumbass hunter got lost (I know I know..."dumbass" and "hunter" in the same sentance is usually pretty redundant) set off a flare in the middle of the dry-brush and pretty much burned down east san diego county. "oops" he might be heard to say.

I head someone on the radio this morning complain that this tragedy also highlights how unprepared the county is for this sort of thing and not to blame the hunter...but I imagine that if my house burned down, or someone close to me died in the fire...it would be pretty hard for me to not blame the hunter.

The air quality even way out bt the coast is awful, and everything has a strange alien-oarange tint to it. There is ash everywhere. It's really pretty serious. So far I am not directly linked to anyone who has lost a home (though I suspect there are a few people from my work who are at risk).

One of the less tragic consequences of this whole fire is that the first monday night football game in San Diego in years...has been moved. I have to tell you that I am pretty dissapointed about this. Don't get me wrong...I have the proper sense of perspective and all...but I had tickets to the game, and I was really looking forward to it. I have been to plenty of football games before but never to a monday night game. Oh well...maybe in two years...because the chargers certainly wont get one next year with the way they're playing.

In other news, my girlfriend just got a new kitten so that their other young cat has someone to play with. At the moment the plan is not working out too well since the old-school cat seems to hate the new-school one. But the new kitten sure is cute (as you might expect). The lil guy is about the size of my fist and belts out the most pathetic lil "mews"...ahh kittens...so much fun.

That's that. No work today so I'm gonna go back and play some more video games. I would like to go out and ride my bike or surf or something, but the air is so disgusting right now that it's actually probably healthier for me to be inside, eat junk food, and play games!


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