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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Check it out!

I got moves...I got so much moves that they put them in a video game. Here's the story:

Socom: Navy Seals. The flag-ship title for Sony's new on-line adapter. The developers noticed that on-line players began to "dance" over the coprses of their victims by running over to them and hitting button combinations like "left, crouch, right, crouch, forward, back" etc.

So with the sequel they decided to actually motion capture some crazy dances and allow players to use them as taunts after a kill. Who did they use as an actor to capture such moves?

That would be yours truly, as well as my buddy Ryan Beeson

The first movie's dances were both mine, the second one features my "Michael Jackson taunt" and Beeson's "Macarena". Check em out!

Movie 01

Movie 02

(both movies from IGN)



In response to my last post Eric sent me a link to illustrate the proper way to be sexually suggestive. Makers of "Sackup" products please take note. Thanks Eric!

Here's a neat picture:

From left-to-right that's my brother Sean, my cousin Eric, and me. Sean recently moved to Reno to recover from his latest tragedy and spend some time with my mom. My brother and I rarely spoke while he was living here in the same city as me, but since he moved away it seems like he calls me a couple times a week. He mostly calls before football games to find out which teams I think will win / cover the spread, and then after those football games to ridicule me for whatever picks I get wrong. It's pretty funny.

A couple nights ago my buddy James and his band Filth Juggernaut played down at Brick by Brick. It was a big show for them because they got to open for a major label band called Clutch. I had actually seen Clutch many years ago when they opened for Bad Religion and I remember thinking they were pretty solid, so I was only to happy to go and support James and his bandmates. The show was pretty good (considering that I'm not overly fond of their style of music). So huzzah for James.

In other news my soccer team is 4-0 right now. We've added a new player. You might call him a "ringer". You might be right. It's amazing how one player can turn your whole team around. It's also possible that we are playing less capable opponents this season as well. Either way...it's nice to be on the winning side more often than not.


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Monday, November 03, 2003
Oh yea...here's something else cool.

Go to Nike's Gridiron.com. On the bottom right hand corner there is a button for the Television ad. click on it. It's an awsome CG commercial. I suspect it's done by people from Square (Final Fantasy, The Final Flight of the Osiris)...can anyone confirm or deny?

tha coolest!


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It has been a while.

The fires that ravaged San Diego are all but contained leaving thousands of people without homes, but most of us in the Coastal North County had very little fall-out from the disaster. Now that the danger has past the finger pointing can begin. I can't wait to see who'll take the fall.

Heather and I spent the good portion of our weekend with the Spraggs so you can get a good idea of what I did over at his site. It was mostly mellow. I did some Bikram Yoga which felt good, especially since I had been locked indoors doing nothing all week.

Now for a rant.

Here is an ad I found in some free surf mag:

You gotta be kidding me right? I mean...this is a classic example of Baditude. Hot chick, extreme sports, sexual innuendo, and extremely stupid. I mean, where do I start?
Let me just go for the obvious. This is the dumbest use of sexual innuendo ever. Good sexual double talk would be like...naming your beer after my friend "Iwan". Than you could have a hot chick holding a bottle of suds, staring at the camera with bedroom eyes, licking the top of the bottle, and the ad could read "I want IWAN me". That would be a good one.

But this one? It really makes no sense. Can you imagine if you started dating some girl, you start making out and she suddenly rolled over onto her stomach and started begging you to rub your testicles all over her back?

What if you were a girl and you just started getting comfortable enough with your man to get naked with him and he was like, "I really want to just rub my balls up and down your spine". I think that would probably end the relationship right there.

Maybe animals are into that sort of thing...you can tell the dog at the bottom of the picture (the ad silly!) is pretty fired up on the whole idea.


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