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Thursday, November 13, 2003
What if God was one of us?

I've been busy at work lately. My deadline is coming up at the end of this week and I'll be celebrating by heading off to Vegas. Huzzah! I don't know if I'll be hitting the tables as hard as I usually do simply because the holidays are pretty much here, and that means more expenses. Of course that's bound to change once I get there but that's the philosophy so far.

Aside from working and stuff I'm in one of my big time gaming phases. Some might accuse me of being in that phase 24/7...not true. Not only am I on something of a hot-streak in my Madden Tournament (lets hope I'm not jinxing myself), but I've finished quite a few games recently. Something like 4 or 5 in the last couple weeks. So despite participating in an activity that is supposed to brand you as a big loser...it's actually making me feel like quite the winner lately.

Which brings me to a point...firstly I probably _AM_ a big loser, but the real point is this.: Games are definitely getting shorter. At least the games that I play. RPG's are notoriously long, but your first person shooters and action games and the like...those seem like 7-10 hour affairs these days. I suppose this is a good thing. I imagine that it's hard to make a cohesive and engaging story last too long without it getting too repetitive. Not only that but it makes sense from a business stand-point. You make a games shorter, throw in some multi-player for the people who really love the game, and you make it possible to release more games. Aren't most people are less likely to buy a new game if they haven't finished the last one they bought? As long as they don't feel like they are getting ripped off I don't see why companies wouldn't make shorter single-player games. I'm ready to be more of a consumer whore for the video game industry!

Another thing I've been trying to squeeze in between work, games, and time with the girlfriend, is a book by George R. R. Martin called a "Game Of Thrones". I'm not sure why George needs all those "R"s in his name but I think it's best just to let him have his way. Anyhow...it's a great book. Plenty of engaging characters that seem a lil more "real" than your typical fantasy-types. Lots of political intrigue...twists and turns...good good stuff.

So here's your question for the day. What is the worst television sit-com ever? A group of us were talking about it the other day, but we really only gave it a cursory run through and it probably deserves more than just lip-service. There are some seriously bad examples out there. Bad sit-coms have to be the crowning jewel of awful television. Bad sit-coms are like that annoying guy who laughs loudly at his own shitty jokes.

A number of shows came up, the ones I remember first are shows like Full House (is there a television personality more boring than Bob Saggat? I can't think of one.), Family Matters, and Growing Pains...I remember my housemate from a few years ago, Sara, used to LOVE Growing Pains. They showed re-runs of it on the Disney Channel. She'd roll home from work and flip on Growing Pains and just sit there...enchanted by the likes of Kirk Cameron and whoever that "Goofy Neighbor Kid" was..."Boner" maybe? or was he on Charles in Charge?


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