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Thursday, November 20, 2003
It's like rain on your wedding day.

Well it appears that my big project at work is finally winding down. I'm sure I'll have to do some fix-ups and re-dos but the bulk of it appears to be done. Huzzah for that.

Last weekend was spent in Vegas. I have some pictures but I didn't feel like putting them up...maybe later. Vegas was good times but it's hard to get the party started right, when everyone gets blown away on the first night. You need to have a couple of winners in your group to build the momentum that will carry you through till the sun comes up. As it happened, there were very few winners in our group last weekend (and by very few I mean "none at all").

It was still a good time though. I had one good run of cards at the blackjack table that probably would have made the trip worthwhile...but it was soiled by the fact that I lost a hundred dollars without even gambling it. I made a sports bet with my dad's money and then promptly lost the (winning) ticket. Aint that a kick in the pants?

There are a few great products that have come out recently to help fill the spiritual void in my life.

First there's the new Mario Kart for the game cube. A pure bundle of multi-player joy. It doesn't deliver as much as I think it could have, but it is still a tremendously fun game to play. It takes me back to me oooold college days. Good times.

Second there's the extended director's cut of the The Two Towers. It's four hours of Tolkein goodness. There is so much in this version of the film that I had hoped would be there. I also listened to a bit of the director's commentary track which made me feel like a big fat smarty-pants. Specifically because most of my guesses as to why the filmmakers had departed from the book proved to be correct. There is also a number of scenes in this version that really help sell those departures much better.

Fans of the book and movie should not miss out.

Speaking of fans of the book...A Game of Thrones is so much fun. I'm a little over half-way through it now and it continues to get more and more exciting. It's no small read but completely entertaining. I wonder if people who usually don't enjoy novels set in a "fantasy" type world would enjoy it. I tend to think so...It's less about magic and dragons and much more about intrigue and Machiavellian politics.

I watched a bit of ER tonight. I know this has been said before...but that has got the only hospital in America where you better off not checking in to. Shit's always blowin up and people are always getting stabbed, and Helicopter blades are constantly flying through bodies. Amazing.


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