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Sunday, November 23, 2003
Kris Kros will make ya jump jump.

I spoke with different Mikes today.

* Mike Graessle (my roommate)
* Mike Roston (My pops)
* Mike Stuparich (My buddy from high school)
* Mike Humphrey (My buddy from college.

Nice work me.

Anyhow...This has been a festive weekend of sorts. Friday night...I did nothing...(that's not the festive part)

Saturday I visited with my dad who is recovering from Hernia surgery. (he's doin fine). Saturday night I went to a wedding. I feel like weddings have become my hobby. Some people like to skateboard, some people like to go to clubs. I go to weddings. Which is okay because weddings are fun. But I may be ready for a new hobby soon.

BAMW (Banned At My Wedding)

Here are a list of songs banned at my wedding (if I ever have one). This is by no means a complete list and as such...a work in progress:

- Celebration
- We are Family
- Play that Funky Music White-boy
- Shout (by the Isley Bros)
- Mambo no. 5
- Macarena
- Chicken Dance
- Love Shack

That's all I can think of for now, but I know there's more. Anyone requesting these songs at my wedding will be forced to pay for their dinner and be asked to leave (and no you can't have your gift back).

The wedding I went to did play some of these offending songs, but salvaged the evening as time wore on and played some good fun stuff. So that was good good good.

Sunday the aforementioned college pal of mine, Mike Humphrey, decided to pay me a visit and drove down from Long Beach...basically so we could play Mario Kart all day. This particular Mike was my primary adversary in Mario Kart battles/races (Mario Kart 64 style) back in the day. So we had some nostalgic fun and I didn't have to deal with the pain of another Charger defeat.

Also on Sunday: Soccer, The Make-Up Game. Don't be fooled! We did NOT run around the field with eye-liner and mascara on. It was to make up for the week of the wild fires when the air was too poor to play in. We played short-handed for much of the game with no subs against a team with 3 subs.

You might think we lost.

You would be wrong.


In other news I will finish A Game of Thrones on the morrow. I expect I'll be picking up the second installment of the series soon after...If I don't get peer pressured into reading the Da Vinci Code first.


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