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Friday, December 05, 2003
Two trailer-park girls go 'round the outside.

I was talking to my girlfriend (who almost never reads this blog by the way) yesterday and during our casual conversation about the days events this came up.


me: So I saw the Paris Hilton video yestrday

H-Bomb: Whats that?

me: Ummmm....do you know who Paris Hilton is?

H-Bomb: I don't think so.

me: She's one of the daughters of the very wealthy Hotel owners...

H-Bomb: ...

me: She's in a new reality show about living on a farm...

H-Bomb: I think I might have heard something about that...maybe.


So suddenly the conversation had changed from:

"I saw that thing that everyone is talking about"

to telling my girlfriend:

"I watched some pornography yesterday!"

kinda awkward :)


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Thursday, December 04, 2003
There's a little black spot on the sun today. It's the same old thing as yesterday.

So here's how big of nerd I am. Last year, I decided to utilize the Madden video football game's "create-a-player" and "create-a-team" features to make a new "pro football squad" populated mostly with my and my friends. Then I'd set both teams to "computer control" and watch the games play out. I'd then report the results to my buddies, who all seemed to really get into it.

So much so that we actually got together to watch a number of the games as a group.

I figured I'd roll the whole thing out again this year since people seemed to like it so much last year. Just to get people excited about it I edited a little video together for a sort of "preview".

I still have that problem with the images coming out dark, but it's not too bad. Check it out if you like!


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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
I don't think you ready for this, because my body's too bootylicious for ya.

I am complete. I have seen Paris Hilton having sex.

At least that's what they tell me. While every thing is perfectly visible...it's all shot in the dark using that "Night Vision" stuff. It makes it hard to really tell who the people are. The whole night-vision thing brings a question to mind: If you are going to make a movie in the comfort and privacy of your own room...why not turn the lights on? The picture quality will be a lot better.

I won't disclose how I came to see this thing (I don't want to get anyone in trouble) but don't ask me to pass it on to you because I don't have it.

So lets talk about what there is to see. The version I saw was just under 3 minutes long, so I assume it was some sorta "highlight reel" of the actual tape. Everyone's got their own buttons...and if one of your buttons is watching green-skined, pupiless, B-list celebrities sucking cock, than this is the video for you.

Me, I didn't find it any more alluring than your typical Maxim spread...probably less so actually (they use better lighting in those photos). Mostly what I like about it is the idea of it existing, and her and her family being pissed about it. I think this is because, as an American, I'm mistrust royalty...and Paris Hilton is as close to an American Princess as you can get. I'm glad I saw it though, I missed out on the whole Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee tape which made me a poor student of pop-culture and "it happenings"

More interesting than the video itself...is the timeing of it's release onto the internet. You can't tell me that you DON'T think Fox had something to do with it being released on the internet? If they didn't they are the luckiest fucking network ever. Before the whole "scandal" broke P Hilton was barely the smallest blip on my pop-culture radar. Now she's some sort of bonafide phenomenon, with her reality show, "The Simple Life", pulling in 13 million viewers last night.

The AP reports that, "The Hilton hotel heiress' recent publicity from a sex video with a former boyfriend that appeared online may have helped."

I would like to nominate that quote as understatement of the year.


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Monday, December 01, 2003
Let's play master and servant.

Well it was a fabulous thanksgiving holiday extravaganza supreme to the extreme.

The first half of a holiday season that says so much about we Americans. The gluttonous Yin of Thanksgiving so compliments the consumer Yang of the Christmas season that it makes me want to belt out the star spangled banner.

Not that I'm opposed. I really do like the holidays. I love eating myself silly at thanksgiving as well as the pseudo-sexual "giving and receiving" of X-mas. I just like to temper it with a bit of cynicism is all.

I had the good fortune of attending not one but two thanksgiving feasts this year. The firsts was a thanksgiving lunch with Heather's family, It was a delicious meal, the highlight of which came when Heather's dad tested out his new CO2 powered, whipping cream device, on his wife. The initial trial did not go as planned and yielded hilarious results.

Heather and I basically went straight from her place to my dad's house. My dad and Ko had put quite a spread together. The long table accommodated some 13 or 14 people (maybe more?). Aside from the usual thanksgiving fare, there were little snacks like fruits, breads, nuts, and spreads, scattered all over the table. It was very nice.

My brother spent thanksgiving with my mom again this year. I had originally planned to travel to Reno to see them the week after thanksgiving, however circumstances made that trip much more difficult this year, so I decided to cancel it. My mom was planning on traveling to Long Beach for Christmas a few weeks later anyway so I figured I would see her then. I only found out later that her work would not allow her to follow through with those plans and so she had to cancel her holiday travels as well. Bummer :(

I called her on Thanksgiving and she seemed sad. I hope she's okay.

Heather was swamped with schoolwork this last weekend so after a mellow Thursday night with a rented movie (The Whale Rider) we parted ways as she spent all of Friday studying and left for L.A. that night.

So her weekend was not as fun as mine. I spent Friday playing soccer, and then hanging out with Wendy and Eric Cheng. The three of us decided to brave the third Matrix film. I had not seen it yet and heard so many bad things about it. My expectations were really low and as a result I definitely liked more than I thought I would. Not the best movie ever...But there was plenty of cool fight scenes and creative special effects.

Only a few weeks left till Return Of The King!!!

It was good to see the Chengs as always. Holiday weekends tend to be a whirlwind so I was glad time was made on both sides.

I also managed to be nice and productive this holiday. Mostly got caught up on some birthday and wedding gifts I needed to get sent out to peeps (just in time for the holiday season), but I got some good cleaning done around the apartment as well.

Saturday was super fun. A group of us boys got together from a somewhat traditional game of thanksgiving flag football...Complete with flags! (nice work coach Iwan).

We played for an hour or two and then retired back to my apartment for some post-game Mario Kart Madness. Good stuff. That night we went to dinner at a Fondue restaurant. I had never been to a Fondue restaurant...It was a lot of rich foods and basically felt like eating appetizers for about 3 hours. It was tasty enough though, and was a great way to spend time with friends.

I woke up Sunday with a bit of a sore throat and so I cancelled my soccer plans and bunkered in for a long day of football and video games.


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