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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
We're all stars now in the dope show.

Return of the King was amazing. Simply...Amazing. A solid finish to an epic story. Completely satisfying. I was getting all misty at times as well. But don't tell anyone.

So I keep hearing about how gay marriages are threatening to "destroy the sanctity of marriage". Just like when Sauron was banished in the first scene of the Fellowship of the ring...One gay marriage is likely to send a shockwave through the country, devastating marriages as it goes. Wedding bands...Burning through flesh, wedding pictures exploding out of their Ikea frames showering bits of cheap wood and metal everywhere.

So to protect all the straight marriages some people want to amend the constitution to prevent homosexuals from throwing rice at each other.

First of all...A constitutional amendment is no small thing. Straight marriages must really be in terrible terrible trouble if it's staunch protectors feel they need to go so far as to alter the very fundamentals of our democracy.

But when they say that state sanctioned gay unions "threaten the sanctity" of marriage...What does that mean exactly?

I want to look at just what marriage means first. I've been to a lot of weddings in the last few years, and it seems to me that most people have a pretty unique and subjective understanding of what a marriage means to them. It also doesn't really seem to involve anyone other than the two people actually getting married. Even a religious wedding is more of a covenant between three beings (two peeps and one god).

Then you have this sanctity thing. In a general sense, something sacred is simply something worthy of respect.

So when George Bush says that gay marriages threaten the sanctity of marriage. He could mean that by letting gay people wed, his own wedding vows -- the ones he spoke to his wife -- no longer have any meaning. That he could no longer loves his wife or respects the promises they made to eachother on their wedding day.

sucks to be her.

But maybe it's deeper than that and we should be taking this whole sanctity thing from it's more specific, religious, standpoint. I mean we all know how much god hates fags right? If marriage is supposed to be an agreement between your partner and your lord...And your lord hates fags...Than by letting gay people get married...Straight people will go to hell? Did I get that right? I can't keep up.

More likely this whole "sanctity of marriage" bullshit is a flowery way to say, "I'm uncomfortable with gay people, and I don't want to encourage them". If you have a strong marriage how can you be threatened by what other people call themselves while they are together.

Like perhaps you know two people who got married for the wrong reasons (money, revenge...Whatever). Does that somehow make your marriage less valid, less special, less sacred? I fucking hope not, otherwise there wouldn't be much point in getting married in the first place.

If you really want to protect this so called sacred aspect of weddings why not outlaw divorce? That seems to destroy marriages a hell of a lot more than gay people do.


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Monday, December 15, 2003
If you give me ten bitches then I'll fuck all ten.

(a lil snoop dawg comin at ya)

Well it appears that when my comments section was "closed for maintenance" that maintenance included blowin away all the old comments that were previously posted. Boo that. There was some cool comments there. Sorry.

It's now December 15th which means it's pretty much all holidays all the time till January 2nd. I've been in that holiday shoppin groove. Half the stores I went into look like the stadium after your football team wins the game. Everything is knocked over, outta whack and there's garbage everywhere. It's pretty cool.

Saturday I attended my company's x-mas party which was awesome. The event was held at On Broadway, a big dance club in downtown San Diego. Our company rented the whole place out for most of the early evening (they let all the regular peeps in after 10:30 or so). There was casino games, plenty of dancing (with DJs playing in multiple rooms), pool tables, and some awesome food, including bottomless plates of sushi, along with plenty of free booze to insure that someone would make an ass out of themselves.

Once again however, our department got shut out of the sweet prize raffle that goes on every year. Boo!

Sunday we got some good news about our buddy Saddam. I was very pleased to hear this news. I don't necessarily think this vindicates the war effort, but it was certainly a requirement for it to be perceived as a success, and politics aside, I want my country to be successfull. Of course this event makes it more likely that we'll be beating around the Buuuush for another four years, especially with the economy on the rebound (at least in the short term).

I had a long conversation with Ms. Bill O'Reilly (also known as my mom) the other day. During the conversation she displayed some astute debate skills and elaborated on her conservative position by calling Al Franken "A fucking jerk", as well as saying she was glad that fundamentalists were attacking soldiers in Iraq rather than striking targets here in the U.S....which I thought was very brave of her to say. I doubt she would be so bold with the lives of the military people over there if I was among them. :P

It was a sweet conversation.

I helped participate in a facial capture today. No...It has nothing to do with bukake...It was a motion capture session for the face only. Here's what I look like when I get marked up for facial mo-cap in the morning:

despite the expression captured here in this photo I had a good time helpin out!


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