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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
I'm sorry miss Jackson, I am for real.

This is one of the greatest days of my life. Well perhaps that's overstating it a little bit...But seriously...I'm fired up today. Today I am the champion of my fantasy football league. I didn't realize how pumped I would be to actually win this thing. Ahhhhh fantasy football. Is there anything more embarrassing when looked at closely?

For those who don't know: Basically a fantasy football player drafts a "team" of real nfl players. Your players real-life performance each week translates into points for your fantasy team. Your fantasy team then matches up against one other fantasy team each week, compares points and those points decide a winner.

So as a fantasy football player...You essentially do nothing and claim all the credit. That's not exactly true of course. You have to draft a good team, and choose the best players to play each week, but luck plays a large role in your success and failures. For some people (namely me) luck plays a larger role than for others.

However: boys will be boys, and boys seem to excel at injecting value and meaning into things that have none. I don't know many girls that care to understand why fantasy football is so exhilarating.

So it was last night, Monday night, the last game of the fantasy football season...Where my 8th seeded "Rat Pack" played it's final player against the greatly favored "1.21. jigiwatts" (well coached by Marc Fortier) and their last player. We had dueling receivers. I was slightly behind in the score totals as my boy Javon Walker, took the field along side Marc's Robert Furgeson. In real life the two are team mates, but in our world...Bitter bitter enemies both vying for a league championship.

The game itself was a blowout but it was exciting for Marc and I everytime Brett Farve let go of one of his many many long passes. As it turned out...A lot of the good ones (inlcuding the touchdown ones) fell into the hands of my player Javon Walker...The leagues glorious "crown of tinfoil" fell into my possession.


And so here I am...Walking on air. I seriously woke up extra early this morning excited to read the reactions on our fantasy football site. Funny stuff.



Monday, December 22, 2003
Once there was this kiiiid who got into an accident and couldn't come to school.

I had a graaaaand weekend.

A couple of parties. Good friends. Another round or Return of the King. Good stuff.

Friday Heather and I went to Liz's "Margarita party" where she and her sisters / cousin get extremely hammered. Always a good time. Here's a picture:

The following night Heather and her sister threw their super cool holiday party. For which I made a flyer. Check it out!

They party was a lot of fun, and H-bomb was really in her element. It was awesome to see her really cut lose. The band was fun as always, but a lot of people seemed to leave before they were finished performing which really sucked. Hopefully they still had a good time performing. One of Heather's high school friends, Kelly, was also at the party. Heather and Kelly don't see eachother much (Kelly lives outta town), and I've only met her twice now. She works for ILM and always has some interesting stuff to say about her work. So that was cool too.

Sunday I took Heather to the movies where we met the Spraggs and family along with Heather's friend Coral to see Return of the King. I enjoyed it just as much the second time around. Heather liked it but not nearly as much as I did. Which is okay...She's come a long way from "I hated Fellowship of the Ring" to at least telling me that she likes the series. I then spent the rest of the evening peppering our general conversation with statements like, "You know what else I liked in that movie", or asking questions like, "Which character do you like the best in LOTR?"


Tonight marks the final game of football that has relevance to this seasons fantasy football adventures. My team has an opportunity to win the whole thing. My opponent Marc and I are pretty close with the lead in his grasp going into tonight's game where we have dueling Packers receivers set to go at it. I really hope I win!!!


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