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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Hey Dirty, baby I got your money.

When the clock strikes midnight tonight the holiday season will be over and 2004 begins....The last year of my twenties.

That could be the most depressing thing ever. Oh well...No use in complaining about the inevitable I suppose.

Let's see...Lots to talk about.

Let's talk about my X-mas. Everyone I knew was either out of town on Christmas day, or participating in family activities where I was not invited. So there I was, just sorta chillin. I went to the Jewish deli for breakfast and headed into work to mess with my new ipod a bit. That ended up taking up most of my day...That and just futsing around on-line. It was around 11:00 at night when I left and I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I thought that there was a chance that In-N-Out would be open...But no dice.

I rolled home and searched the kitchen for food and came up with stale pasta...Which doesn't taste that bad once you boil it up and slap some tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese on it! Merry Christmas! :)

Other holiday stuff was fun though. My family exchanged gifts a couple days earlier, and on the Friday following x-mas a group of friends came over to my house for our annual secret santa party. We made gingerbread houses (pictures to come), ate latkes, hung out. My old friend Isaac stopped by as well. I had not seen Isaac in about 7 yeas and it was so fun having him over. He was really the same old guy. Isaac has always been a dynamic personality and a great story teller so it was no surprise to see that, by the end of the evening, he had drawn a semi-circle crowd around him in a corner of my apartment as he regaled everyone with stories of his mis-adventures in New York and San Francisco.

In preparation for the evening I needed to get a spice called "cream of tartar" for the frosting "glue" required for the G-bread houses. On the way home I was stopped by a homeless guy who mistook it for a bag of coke.

Anyhow...The holidays also brought around a lot of good friends who I don't get to see that often anymore. I had coffee with Meredith, hung out with the Randalls a few times. Good fun.

You know what else is good fun? Karaoke Revolution! I picked up a copy of it a few days ago. Even though I knew my friends would be far too self-conscious to give it a try I rolled it out during my secret santa party. It was received much the same way that a mob of villagers might receive Frankenstien's monster.

But I fired it up a couple nights later and had a grand old time. Actually it was especially fun when my roommate showed up. We were laughing and singing (terribly). I did a particularly stirring rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings at the "County Fair" level, and brought the house down a couple stages later with "When a Man Loves a Woman". You shoulda been there.

Heather actually gave it a try the next night and really got into it. It's the only video game I've shown her that she actually wanted to keep playing.


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