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Saturday, January 10, 2004
Man, I feel like a woman.

(that one was for you birdman)

Well it's been a wild and crazy week...sort of.

Work has been a little slow for me so I have been honing my Maya skills a little. Hopefully I'll have something to show for it later. However there are lots of things simmering beneath the surface and once it comes to a boil...LOOKOUT!

This week marked the first round of our Madden league playoffs. I exorcised the demons of my fist season and beat my rival to advance to the next round. SO huzzah for me.

In other news...there's Civilization: The Board Game. I mentioned it in my last post. I started a game at work (we play a few turns a day really), and had some people over tonight to get a game together. It's pretty much everything I could hope for. It's got elements of Risk, and Axis and Allies. In terms of pure military strategy stuff I still think Axis and Allies is the king, but Civ is just much more diverse and allows for deeper game play.

It's a total Mountain Dew game though. We're talking hours and hours to really finish a game. We had to arbitrarily call our game tonight as players were getting tired. With the game's scoring system I ended up tying for first place with the Birdman (who made quite a comeback thanks to some fast-talking/ taking advantage of the fact that one of the other players was his wife :) )...but I think only Iwan was in danger of really getting wiped out. By that I mean he was done for. Also, Adam's fast-talking resulted in a very Risk-esque betrayal.

So here we are at the weekend. No big plans...so you can look forward to more bland blogging from me come monday :)

Till then!



Monday, January 05, 2004
22 positions in a one night stand.

Here are a few photos from the past week or so. Most of them gingerbread related:

With the holiday season basically over I managed to sneak in a few more "good friends from outta town" visits in the last few days. Wendy popped into San Diego for a day in between Hawaii and San Fran. We hung out and grabbed a bit of coffee/tea. Meanwhile my college friend David came into town on vacation with his girlfriend Alyssa. I had never met Alyssa before so that was cool. She scored high marks all around and I promised David I would report as much to our mutual friend Liz.

Over the break I got a lot of good solid gaming in. I finished both Jak II, and Prince of Persia. I'm also well on my way towards finishing Beyond Good and Evil and XIII (most of those games compliments of my buddy Marc...Thanks Marc!).

Jak II was excellent and I must say I thought Prince of Persia was outstanding. One of the best games I've played this year for sure.

I also managed to pick up the board game version of one of my favorite PC games of all time: Civilization! I haven't had a chance to really play it yet but I've given it a few test runs and it seems to be everything I would hope for in a board game version of the PC classic. Let me tell you...if bigger is better...this is the best fucking board game ever. Aside from the millions of choking-hazard game pieces, It doesn't even fit on my coffee table.

On Sunday H-bomb and her sister had themselves a lil garage sale, Kelowna and Paul also brought some stuff to hawk. It was funny watching people browse through piles of clothing that was half their size. Lots of frowning faces on those bargain hunters

speaking of plus sizes...I saw the Triplets of Belleville last night. Awesome! Don't go see it expecting much dialogue. It's a really unique film. I highly recommend it. Especially if your an American with a good sense of humor about your own culture


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