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Thursday, January 15, 2004
One more thing. As Salah was finishing up he started smacking his lips all over the place. Like...eating chewing gum but much sloppier. It was really bizarre.


Every Rose has it's Thorns

I admit that I prefer to get my hair cut at a "salon" rather than a barber shop. Maybe it's psychological, but I always feel like I get a better haircut when I pay thirty dollars for it. Salon's put my in contact with salon stylist...Which are a totally different breed from the white-jacket barber. In general the only thing I dislike about salons is the forced conversation, but you find someone you don't mind talking to and you stick with that person when you can.

Today I was a little desperate to get my hair cut and I didn't care to wait for my "regular girl" to be available so I just took what they could give me. What I got...Was this guy.

This guy was a reeeeal piece of work.

First of all...When your in the salon chair...Your at the mercy of the stylist. Your personal schedule, your politics, your interests (beyond how you wear your hair) generally mean very little to them. What are you gonna do...Change seats?

Salah had a bit of an accent, was well dressed, spoke fast...All the stereotypical "gay hairdresser" stuff. He talked a lot about women though. He told me I should party in Tijuana more often since we were bound to meet hot girls and were practically guaranteed to get laid there.

Salah was very much interested in the entertainment industry, and making lots of money. He must have told me about three or four different schemes and projects he was cookin up. All of them big money makers.
He did a lil networking while I was trapped in his chair as well. Upon learning that I was an animator he told me about a film he was writing that we might be able to collaborate on. It was hard to know what to say to all this. Mostly I just laughed nervously and tried changing the subject.

He also didn't' seem to like black people very much...And seemed to feel that most women were "lazy" and not very creative.

He finished off the session by dumping three different hair styling products in my hair and sending me on my way. I smell like Paul Mitchells secret laboratory right now.



Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Wanna free playstation 2?

Go here now.



Monday, January 12, 2004
Your love's got me lookin got me lookin so crazy in love.

I ate pizza for lunch today and now I'm regretting it.

My weekend ended up being pretty solid. Civ on Friday night. I went for a great bike ride on Saturday, headed over to my dads place and visited with him for a bit. That evening Heather and Mike G and I went to the Belly Up to check out the B-side players which was pretty fun. The best part of the evening was watching Mike G get sauced and work his game with some of the ladies we ran into at the club. It was awsome.

Sunday Heather and I went for short bike ride and picnicked at the beach. The weather didn't quite hold up as the fog rolled in right around the same time we rolled out. But still it was a nice lil excursion.

The week was also a fantastic week to be a NFL fan. How much fun have these playoffs been? With few exceptions in the wild-card round all the games have been nail bitters! A couple things:

1) The Rams have me so conflicted. I like rooting for Marshall Faulk...I hate rooting for Mike Martz. That guy is such a jackass.
2) I, along with the rest of the world, wanted to see Farve pull it off against the Eagles - but when your defense gives up a clutch 4th and 26 you deserve to lose
3) I love it when games play out just like their supposed to like a low scoring trench fight between the Titans and the Pats, or the high flying shootout between
K.C and Indi


Heather and I were talking this weekend about the sort of games kids make up, and how random they are. I remember my brother and I one night while on vacation somewhere, came up with this random game that involved rolling billiard balls across pool tables, at high velocity, towards each other. That one ended in tears.

Another one that ended in tears was one H-Bomb told me about. She and her friends called it, "Truth" and it was basically a circle of girls sitting around and being brutally frank about their opinions of each other. Every time they played it, it always ended with everyone bawling.

"So what you guys played this in like Junior High?" I asked through some chuckles.
"No like in 11th grade" She responded.

Girls are sometimes very different from boys. I can't picture anything like that taking place between Mike, Marc, and I. Now back-pack battles....now there's a game!

I finished up a few of my thank-you notes for this last holiday season. Here are some of the images I made for them. Check em out!


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