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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
That's me in the corner

After about a year and half of dating Heather decided to initiate "the big talk" last night. Not that she's anxious to get married, but she was wanting to know "where we were headed". It was a subject I had been thinking about myself for a while so I was glad to address it. We talked for a little while about how we felt about were things were going. We seemed to have a very similar outlook on our relationship.

It seems that on the one hand: we are both comfortable and happy with how things are now.

On the other hand: We both harbor doubts that make us uncertain about the prospect of being married to each other. Despite our feelings for one another, neither of us want to meander too long in a relationship that isn't destined for something more meaningful.

We also used this time to discuss some of the specific issues that we felt could be "matrimonial deal-breakers".

Possible obstacles from her point of view: Our sleep schedules are too different. I play too many video games, I dine out too often, I am not physically active enough ( I take issue with this last one, but I suppose there's no getting around the fact that the perception exists...And I suppose I have been on the lazy side over the last couple months).

Possible obstacles from my point of view: Her tendency in group situations (especially amongst my peers), a large gap in terms of our interests outside of surfing, and my inability to successfully share many of my hobbies/passions with her.

So we both agreed that while we weren't interested in any hard and fast time limits, that we would pay close attention to our feelings in this respect over the next few months and try and decide if we think we have a future together.




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