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Thursday, February 26, 2004





I want to kiss you all over.

I went to sleep last night oblivious to the dangers that awaited me the next morning. All around me, a terrible evil was gathering like a dark storm in the early hours of the dawn. An unspeakable malice had set it's will against me as I lay sleeping. The initiation of my clock radio alarm would have been the harbinger of my terrible doom...if not for the sterling protector who came to my aid in the last moments.

Yes...Clear Channel Communications prevented my brain from exploding this morning, and rescued my decency from Howard Stern.

While not really traditional censorship it's still annoying. I like Howard Stern...I don't always enjoy listening to him, but he's got his moments and I like him much more than your typical "wacky morning DJ". So he goes into my regular morning rotation with NPR and Jim Rome.

Or at least he used to, were people always so uptight around here?

In other news:

My new dance pads and new version of Dance Dance Revolution arrived last night. Now Iwan....(my friend and soccer manager) before you get upset...I will say that I did not experience any crazy knee popping while playing last night. So I deemed it safe for my recovering patella.

Safe and extremely fun! My new controller pads are much better than my old ones...giving more accuracy and less slipping.

So much fun. The newer version of the game has plenty of unlockable songs and modes, as well as different steps and techniques that were not present in the previous version of the games.

So I was step step steppin away! I think one of my favorite things about this version is the little "song descriptions" that you unlock after you first play it. Things like, "the song Rain combines lush vocals and excellent dance beats to create a one of the hottest tracks around. The lyrics are about how love is like a passionate storm of the heart. Is it raining on the dance floor?"

I can't even do it justice. Too funny.


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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Whenever I'm alone with you...

Okay...I know I covered this before, but I continue to be amazed by the whole gay marriage issue.

I was talking to some friends this last weekend and I told them that while I have never ever wanted to be older, or accelerate my aging in any way, I can't help but be excited for when it's 30 years from now and history proves this administration wrong. I can't wait for it to be a total embarrassment.

What's worse though is all the polls that invariably show that the public supports constitutional bans on gay marriage. That makes _me_ feel embarrassed. It's like the feeling I get when I drive me dads obnoxious car around. I just want to shout out to everybody that this is not my vehicle. In this instance I just want to send letters saying this is not my country.

What the hell is wrong with you people?!?! This is the constitution we are talking about here.

My constitution isn't exclusive. It doesn't deny rights. It ensures them.

Bush says:

"After more than two centuries of American jurisprudence and millennia of human experience, a few judges and local authorities are presuming to change the most fundamental institution of civilization..."

"Their action has created confusion on an issue that requires clarity."

Who's confused here? Just because "W" can't wrap his head around homosexuals doesn't mean they should have to suffer for it.

As for marriage being "the most fundamental institution of civilization"...well...I'm not sure if I'm ready to hand that award out to marriage. I mean it's up there. But I think you could have civilization without marriage...couldn't you? I mean. I would think a society would be doomed without things like "trade and barter" or "laws". But what do I know.

But I'm quibbling on that issue. The real issue is that while marriage has been around for a long time, "George and Laura" isn't exactly the blueprint for marriage throughout world-history.

My research:

There are records of people getting married going all the way back to ancient Egypt. Here the evidence is sparse, but there are definitely records of "contracts". In these instances the woman had pretty much no say in the matter as these contracts involved a husband and his future wife's father. Polygamy was also practiced in Ancient Egypt (although it was far more common in the ruling class).

Egyptian royalty also got hitched to their own siblings, cousins, children (A lesson closely followed by a bunch of medieval Euros)

Ancient Greeks and Romans clearly had a thing for homosexual love. There is even evidence that homosexual marriage existed then...Especially in Rome (Nero apparently married 2 different men). Heterosexual marriages between Greeks generally were between a 14-year old girl (who again had no real say in the matter) and a 30-year old man who likely spent the last 20 years in military service where they encouraged hot guy-on-guy action and even formed a whole army division of male lovers (they apparently were a bunch of ass-kickers to boot!)

These men were also pretty much expected to have 2 male lovers over the course of their lives. One as a boy (with an older man) and once as a man (with a younger boy)

Ancient India broke the mold a bit by having two types of marriage, the most popular being a ritual where the woman made her choice (gasp!) from a bunch of suitors who congregated at her doorstep. The other type was called "marriage by abduction" (romantic!) Even modern India's marriage traditions are quite different from your "Bush and Laura standard" as unions are frequently arranged by the parents.

There is even evidence that old-school Christians sanctioned gay marriages!

Make up your minds!

The point of all this is that yes...marriage is an important cornerstone of civilization...but the institution of marriage as we know it now is not so hallowed....not so steeped in tradition. Allowing for gay marriages isn't really flying in the face of thousands of years of history. In fact the only thing it really challenges is the short-sighted. Those who can't handle the idea that people who appear different than them might actually be more similar in fundamentally important respects.



Monday, February 23, 2004
Isn't she pretty in pink?

This is probably old news, but I found this little song extremely amusing. You can find many others like it over at "deangoesnuts.com" but that one I linked to here is my favorite.

It was a rainy stormy weekend, and with my knee being all messed up I did a lot of hangin out. Went to dinner with friends, spent time with H-bomb, played games. Stuff like that.

I also helped H-bomb out with a little landscaping project. The task involved spreading out a bunch of small beach-stones around the walkway in her side-yard. What struck me as kinda funny about the whole thing was that she had to pay a landscaping store a couple hundred dollars for all those stones. The same stones that you can pick up for free at the beach....about a 2 minute walk across the tracks from her place.

Of course it would take quite a lot of time to collect that many rocks from the beach so I'm sure it's worth the cost. It just struck me as kinda funny.




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