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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Mary mary...why ya buggin?

Dude...Boo to people getting blowed up in Madrid. Boo.


I'll be heading to Reno this weekend to visit my mother. My poor mom has had a tough week. She's lost her dog -- actually "BJ" was more of a family dog. The little guy has been with us since before my parents moved to Reno and before their divorce. I always enjoyed seeing him when I came to Nevada, I'll miss that furball. On top of that, my mom's Vespa motor-scooter was stolen this week. Considering she was president of the Reno Vespa Club...she's pretty upset about it. I guess they have a high rate of recovery though so hopefully she'll get it back unmolested.

on the lighter side:

I'm officially addicted to Winning Eleven Seven right now. Not only is it the most enjoyable soccer game I've ever played, it has the most engrossing "franchise" style game play of any sports title I've ever encountered. Madden's franchise mode is fun...but in the end it's not as fun as actually playing the game. You can make a few moves here and there...watch a few players grow...it's good. Konami's "master league" mode is great. You start off in a lower division league and have to build your team up to get promoted. That means you have to instantly start making moves and lots of them....eventually trying to coax some big name players in as well as throwing a few "growth" players (who start of shitty but improve to your liking the more you play them). Not only that but the disposition of your players are in a constant state of flux. You have to manage your bench and maybe change your formation and strategy to make-up for players who are "running cold".

it's awesome.


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