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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
like surgeon.

well i am back from surgery and a lil dissorientated. so excuse what ever strangeness you find in this post. I came into the operating room. closed my eyes. woke up in recovery. as the birdman likes to say ,"easy-peasy".

im all dialed in at my dads housde and i have my fabulous girlfriend taking care of me.

for some reason when I came out of general anesthisia, my emotions were all loopy. I was extremely giggly, but sorta teary-eyed at the same time. wierd.

anyhow. I'll be back in action soon. you cant keep baditude down for long!



Monday, April 05, 2004
In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.

I spent last weekend with H-bomb and spent some time in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Also in the group were Paul and Kelowna, and Brad and Christie. Brad and Christie owned the house we stayed in and the boating equipment that was the center of the weekend's entertainment. They were generous hosts and we all really appreciated them having us up for the weekend.

My bum knee prevented me from being able to waterski or wakeboard and that was a tremendous disappointment. I watched with envy as my friends got pulled behind Brad and Christie's Hallett. But just being out on the water, cruising in the boat was a lot of fun. I spent quite a lot of time at near-bye Lake Powell when I was growing up. The sights of big blue skies, high desert mountains, smells of lake water, the sounds of Paul Simon's "Graceland" from the stereo, and the feeling of wind at your face while speeding along in a powerboat was a potent combination for nostalgic reflection.

The Lake was such a special place for me growing up. It's probably the main thing that makes me realize just how lucky I was growing up. My parents were pretty selfless. I mean...maybe they had a good time. All I can remember is countless hours of Dad setting up the boat at campsites, and pulling all of on waterskis all day, while my mom would set up little crafts and games under the sunshade, and mix up big batches of tuna-salad or guacamole. We overdosed on sun, wind and water. Good times *wipes away wistful tear*

Despite being spring-break season, we were only able to witness a somewhat watered-down (no pun intended) version of the sort of debauchery that can take place in Havasu. We got a little taste of it though on Saturday when we boated over to the London Bridge. There was plenty of Baditude in effect. Big beefy dudes who are all tatted and ringed up, posing in front of huge power boats and blasting hip-hop, while women of all shapes and sizes wearing basically the same tiny bikini looking to score some of the beefcake's beer. Good people watching (but no drunken nakedness...maybe next time)

The whole "London bridge" thing is really weird as well. It's just sitting there in the middle of the desert, surrounded by false Tudor architecture, shave ice stands, and airbrush tattoo parlors. It kinda reminds me of Disneyland with a bottle of everclear.




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