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Thursday, April 15, 2004
Im not the man I think I am at all, oh no. I'm a rocket man.

Here's me just before surgery:

Pretty fuckin hot eh?

Anyhow...the knee is coming along great. I really never needed crutches and only swallowed four or five pain pills since the operation. My range of motion has pretty much all returned. It's good stuff. If your curious I've got a bit of footage form the actual procedure right here.


DiscoStupe can tell you what's really goin on in that video.

I was recovering at my dad's house for a few days. Iwan had dropped by one afternoon and we were playing a little with the dog in the backyard. Suddenly we heard some commotion from the golf course behind the yard. We looked over to see a cart full of drunken women driving by. They hooted and hollered. We waved. One of them flashed her tits at us.

I wish you coulda seen Iwan's face. "Did that just happen!?" he said.

"I think it did." Odd that I was in Lake Havasu for three days and say no drunken flashers until I came home to the quiet suburban playgrounds of La Costa.


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