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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
White lines pure as the driven snow.

I started down a dangerous path last night. A path known as Magic the Gathering: Online. I used to play a lot of MTG when I was in college. It was always a really fun game, but eventually I ran out of people to play with, and it got to be a too cumbersome (and too expensive) to lug all those cards around.

I remember how exciting the game was when I first discovered it. My friends and I would travel all over the county looking for specialty shops that sold the individual cards that would make our decks invincible.

That was something like 7 years ago. The game has progressed a lot since then. There are plenty of new rules, new cards and all that stuff.

The online version of the game is basically just that. It's got all the elements of the real game just on line. You buy and trade cards (there is no monthly subscription), build decks, and can play all sorts of game variants with 2 people, 5 people, whatever. Pretty cool.

Hopefully it won't suck my life and money away like the regular version did years ago.

ANyhow I jumped on line after registering last night. I had bought a simple pre-fab deck just to get started and test the waters. I was expecting to get blown out of the water but it actually went okay. I managed to sneak a few victories in here and there (in between getting blown out of the water).




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