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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
ole ole ole ole

Monday night (thanks to my work-buddy Dan Legg) I was able to watch a taped copy of the Euro 2004 group match featuring England versus France. Certainly one of the most dramatic matches I've seen. Poor England got a real kick in the pants on that day.

the BBC has a neat "Virtual highlights" feature on their football website that's worth checking out.

The version of the game I saw had English commentary. What was so interesting about it was how the sports casters took total ownership of the English side. Usually home-town broadcasters (while obviously biased) will still refer to the team they represent as "this team" or "that defense". These Euro 2k4 broadcasters referred to the English National team, as "us", "we", and "our".

On top of that there's all sorts of colorful ways in which they deliver their commentary that made it a lot of fun to watch.



Monday, June 14, 2004
Get out of my dreams, get into my car

I watched a little bit of a celebrity poker match on Television last night and I realized that it's time for me to develop an illogical and unreasonable fascination with Daniel Baldwin.

That guy is _SO_ awesome! He was sitting at the poker table...All cocky and coked-up...Just so lovable.

I realized after a few minutes of web searching that he has no official (or unofficial) fan site. Rest assured I will be working hard to rectify that.

This weekend was filled with fun and excitement. Saturday a bunch of work peeps rolled down to Ski Beach and we had a lil BBQ. We played some volleyball (Top Gun style), and just hung out. It was great.

On Sunday I resolved an issue that popped up earlier this week. That issue was the death of my Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Eclipse served me well for about 7 years now, but it practically fell apart as I pulled into the parking lot where I work on Wednesday.

So yesterday I hopped on a train and headed up to Smell-A, to Nick Anderson Imports. It was there where I purchased my new ride. I have to say, I'm extremely fired up on it. I've never had a "new car" before and it's a cool feeling.

The wierdest part is when I pull up behind another car and I see my reflection in it's tailgate. I'm so used to seeing my old car in there...I guess I know what those "Swan chicks" feel like.



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