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Monday, August 02, 2004
I'm holding out for a hero till the morning light.

I inadvertently cheated in monopoly this weekend and ended up winning. Weird how that works.

I was reflecting a little this weekend about how much I take advantage of this world wide web stuff. I can put on my grandpa pants now nd talk about old-school internet. It's weird to think that I used the internet (or something like it) for a long time without ever even looking at a world wide web page.

My first "on-line" experience wasn't even e-mail. It was with a BBS, which was basically like a web forum, except only one person could be on it at a time. The BBS was run outta a friend of mines house. A bunch of us would call in a few times a week (basically using our modems to call a secondary line at his house, which linked up with his computer) participate in discussions, arrange gatherings, and submit our PimpWars turn.

Pimpwars....I remember thinking it was really fun...but I cant reqally remember how you played. I just remember that the game was customizable, and that the guy who ran the game named most of the 'Hoes' after people who went to our high school (hilarious!).

In my first year of college I had access to an email account through my school, but I never accessed it through the web (I don't think you could), I had to telnet to it. I don't even know what that means really...I just know I was constantly doing it.

By my third year of college I discovered a chatroom (that I had to telnet to) called "Foothills". I "hung out" at foothills late into the evening, listening to music on my stereo, and having incredibly frustrating conversations with other young people. Almost all of these conversations involved sex, music, or suicide....most of them involved all three. After about a year of this I realized I was never actually enjoying myself and swore off chat-rooms forever.

I don't think I saw a web page until my third year of college. That first web page? IGN.

Internet Gaming Network. I used it to make sure I wasn't missing out on any hidden short-cuts in Mario Kart 64, and I still visit the site daily.

Up until then of course, there were no "graphics" involved in anything I had done or seen on the internet (with the exception of ascii stuff). Now it's all about the pretty pictures and the web is part of my daily life. It's probably my main source of information and entertainment.


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