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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
There's no sex in your violence.

I played the next generation of Counter-Strike (called "Counter-Strike: Source") today at a LAN place close to my work. Here's my initial impressions:

The map we played was the classic, "dust". What you get is a complete graphic overhaul. The detail level is great and the physics engine is nifty. The smoke grenades and flash-bangs are particularly improved.

The play style feels a lil different as well (although I haven't played much in the past few years, so their might not be that much difference compared ot more recent versions of CS). The reticules seem a lil less accurate. That is to say, the actual spread patterns of various weapons don't actually seem to be well represented by the reticule. This isn't as much as a flaw as it is a gameplay preference. It feels a lil more like BF:1942.

My major disappointment is that the physics aren't really well incorporated into the gameplay. You might be able to tip a barrel here and there...But it hardly feels like you could actually manipulate your environment for strategic purposes.

One of the things that clearly has NOT changed about the CS experience is the amount of immature and annoying players are out there...Even in this relatively restricted beta. A sample conversation:

me - Hey how bout we even up the teams a lil?
some other guy - Hey why don't you STFU
me - good one.

soon after that some other guy jumped on and took advantage of the microphone support to sing, "ooooh counter-strike source! so pretty, so detailed!!!" over and over and over again.

there more things change...

Anyhow. I would have to characterize the whole experience as "underwhelming". I'm sure I'll probably end up playing it a bunch. But I think I'm more excited to see what other mods take shape after Half-Life 2's release.



Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Since the return from her stay on the moon she listens like spring and she talks like June, hey, hey.

Work's been a lil slow, so I've managed to put some time into the video from my trip to Hawaii with H-bomb. It's long process, but it's underway so hopefully that will be ready soon.

I got to spend some quality time with some old friends this weekend. Wendy Cheng was in town thanks to her recent move to Los Angeles. I usually only get to see Wendy a couple times a year, but now that she's back in So Cal I'm hoping we get to spend a lil more time hangin out.

Tanya Brolaski was also in town. Shes an old school coffee-shop buddy of mine who I only really get to talk to once every couple years. (I think this is her blog...Which I just discovered with a web search) No guarantees though.

It's nice to have people in life who you can just meet up with after long periods of absence and just settle into an easy casual friendship.


PS. I think it's funny that this blogging software's spellchecker doesn't recognize "blog"


Monday, August 23, 2004
Slide over here and give me a moment

Last Thursday my dad invited me over to his house for dinner with "the boys". Said boys have all been good friends with my dad since before I was born, so I've known them my whole life. It was a neat sorta honor to be invited into that inner-circle. Like times of old, the elder men of my village sat in a round, feasted on meat, and spoke of those things that matter most in life -- Like whether or not female, Olympic gymnasts shave their pussys and/or have sex.

It was a cool, surreal experience. I especially enjoyed watching the discussion get more and more raunchy as the night wore on and as the wine flowed more easily. Even the more "prudish" members of the group began to succumb is time wore on. It was hilarious.

It was also interesting to hear all these guys speak about the various choices they made, their genuine perspectives on raising children, modern life, and menopause. The guys who were raising teenaged girls lamented over the skimpy outfits they wore. The guys who were raising teenaged boys lamented over the fact that their sons didn't seem to have enough sex with those girls.

good stuff.

On Friday H-bomb and I decided to find out if Gigli is as bad as everyone says it is. Basically...it is. It's amusingly bad though. Ben Affleck (with his infrequent "goodfellahs Italian gangster" accent) has got to be the worst actor in the world. Have you ever seen a regular person put in a situation where they are forced to perform in front of an audience? Like in a Karoke bar? Usually they get up and they have this sheepish grin on their face. As the background music starts they often make a decision. It's a decision to try and be bad, rather than try to be good and just be bad. They sorta have this look on their face like, "Hey I know I'm a bad singer...So I'm gonna be goofy and silly, and laugh at myself or being so bad".

This is the way that Ben Affleck looks when he acts. He's always got this expression on his face that says, "I can't believe I'm acting over here!"

Anyhow...I recommend you see it. It's amazing.


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