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Thursday, September 09, 2004

I just did a big update on my website. There's a lot of new art in the art section, some new video up in the video section, and even a new "quote of the moment" on the home page.

Check it out!



Wednesday, September 08, 2004
hey guess what?

I finished that video I was workin on from my recent trip to Oahu.

check it out: http://baditude.net/Home/video/hawaii.wmv



Tuesday, September 07, 2004
The day the music died.

I'm officially abandoning my policy of using random song lyrics as my post titles (after this post). Too many other people are doing it and it feels less fun. Given the popularity of blogging in general...I should probably just give this journal up all together. Nah...I won't be that much of a non-conformist.

First of all. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, dealing with my recent break-up. It's been a really strange week without H-bomb in my life, but your comments, and the companionship of my good friends and family have been very comforting.

So there has been a lot of sadness and happiness over the past week. I still have all sorts of pictures of H-Bomb around my desk at work, and my apartment. Every once in a while I'll take a long look at those photos and hope I did the right thing. If I sit and really think about it, I always feel like I did.

Thankfully there was some good distractions for me this holiday weekend with the arrival of several good friends of mine. The occasion? This year's fantasy football draft. For the first time all ten players in my "primary league" were in town at the same time. Amongst those players were Mike and Marc, two of my very best friends from high school. It's very rare for the three of us to be together in the same place these days, so them being around made Saturday (draft day) priceless.

Throw in some flag football before the draft, some pool volleyball and NHL 94 after the draft, along with beautiful weather, and great food....you pretty much have one of the best days ever.

The draft itself was a little rocky for me. Being the league champ I was drafting last in the rotation. On top of that each "coach" is permitted to keep two players from their team last year and my keeper prospects weren't all that sweet (Okay so I got to keep Priest Holmes...but still).

I felt pretty confident about my early picks, but those middle rounds always kill me. But who knows...I had a pretty terrible team last year and still coached myself to a championship title. Why not do it again!



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