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Sunday, November 28, 2004
More Proof That I'm Not As Punk As I Used To Be

And I used to be only somewhat punk. I had my shaved head, scraggly goatee, and eyebrow piercing. I was still a suburbanite...but I wore a "FUCK CENSORSHIP" T-shirt. Back in those days I went to a lot of live music shows. They weren't the cleanest places in the world. The good shows usually had a lot of pushing, shoving, punching, kicks to the head, and stuff like that. Plus you're usually sweating like hell by the time the second song is over.

Because of all this I had one T-shirt that I wore to every concert. It was a T-shirt that I didn't care getting dirty or torn or whatever. It was plain gray, and in big green writing read: "Banana Republic" on the front. I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing that shirt anywhere else. It's got no street cred. But at the concerts you could sorta spin it as an ironic statement of counter culture. Or something.

One drunk guy at a Bad Religion show said it best when he slurred, "Dude...that shirt is so NOT punk rock that it actually is the MOST punk rock".

I wore that shirt into my first mosh pit. I wore it when I dragged some floater down to the ground and stomped on his chest after he kicked me in the head. Liz bled all over it after getting her nose broke at a Primus show. Good times.

Times have changed though. Just a few short years later I find myself frequently wearing entire outfits provided by the Banana Republic. Over the holiday weekend I was out in Palm Springs at "Tommy Bahamas: The Bar". Everyone in there looked just like me. We were all slaves to the BR, drinking in some corporate spin-off of some other shitty clothing company. I still have that original concert shirt...I wear it to work out in every now and then. SO depressing.


I've got some new art posted up at my website. You can see it here.




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