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Monday, December 06, 2004
Nice Racks

What I really need are some roof racks. I know that thule has a strong reputation, but I kinda would like to get the "official" racks for my Mini. Frankly they just look a lot better.

I called up today to find out how much they would cost. The nice lady at the parts department told me that the racks plus the attachments for surfboards would be about 300.00, which seems reasonable. The bike attachments are about 100.00 which seems fine as well. To find out the installation cost I get transferred to the service department where I discover the installation cost is about 400.00.

This seems absolutely ridiculous to me. Perhaps I don't really understand what I'm paying for, but it just doesn't seem like installing some roof racks should cost me that much money.

"Sooo...no parts come with that?" I say/

"No that's just installation"

"400 bucks?"

"no...385 dollars"

"That just seems a lil high to me"

The response to that last comment was something like, "Yeah well...whatcha gonna do?"

Man...I hate it when I don't know the value of a dollar. I mean...for about a few hundred more dollars I could buy an old beater of a pick-up truck to drive to the beach and back (okay about a thousand more dollars...still).

Anyhow. I have a holiday treat for you. Its David Sedaris reading an essay he wrote for Esquire about Christmas traditions in Holland. It's in three parts. Enjoy!

Sedaris Part 01
Sedaris Part 02
Sedaris Part 03


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