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Friday, December 17, 2004
Got it.

Okay as you can see I got the photobox thing goin on. Right now there are about 10 pics in there, but I'd like to get a bunch more. Any good ideas on what I could co-opt? The secret is to find figures that are highly recognizable based more on their costume or background setting rather than their face. I was gonna do a "Jared-Tude" from the subway commercials, but then it would just look like me holding a sandwich or a pair of clown pants.

Again: thanks to Chad for showing me the site, and Jake for helping me with the code.

I want you to check out this website: Alien Hominid. Their product got has some really cool art design. It's a couple of indi game makers, based here in San Diego. I think just once guy was responsible for all the art which (given the scope of most game projects) is pretty amazing. It's a simple design, but fun and effective.

If you own a PS2 or Gamecube, you should definitely check it out. All the animation is really cool, the game itself has tons of personality and has a good overall feel to it. Plus you support a few small, driven creative people. Help ensure that the gaming industry doesn't completely give in to megacorps like my gracious employers.

Speaking of megacorps...We had a big shake up here at work this week with the announcement that EA had made a deal to get exclusive rights to the NFL for video games. Now only one company will be able to publish a football game with real NFL players, teams, and stadiums. Most sports gamers wont look twice at a game that doesn't have an official license. It's a strange thing.

Obviously the NFL can license itself to whomever it wants. It has to be able to control what sort of content is being attached to it's properties. That's only fair. However you do get the sense that - unlike movies and stuff like that - the NFL football game is larger than its license. It's more like a separate product and now one company has a monopoly on that product.

There are several companies for whom their NFL game is (was) very important to them. Now they are told they're simply not allowed to compete, for no real reason.

My company also makes (or at least made) an NFL football game. Apparently there were some back-up plans already in place, as this move was not entirely unexpected. Also - with licenses come rules, so our football game will no longer be as restricted in terms of content. We'll see what happens I guess.



Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm trying to figure out how to do something sassy here....but I'm getting outsmarted by code.




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