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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well 2005 has arrived. Time just keeps marching on. I expect big thing out of myself this year...Big things indeed (like turning 30...yikes!).

Colorado was pretty epic. I was basically a tag-along, but got along well with the large group of people who had assembled in the (not-so) modest cabin in Beaver Creek that became our home for a few days. A tag-along and something of an 11th wheel being the only single person amongst the flock of married/attached couples.

We had some good snow and got plenty of solid runs in while we were there. One of the unusual things about this group was that it was so heavily populated with telemarking peeps. Telemarking is basically skiing downhill on cross country skis...And it looks like way too much effort. Apparently though it's the new cool thing to do. There were quite a few of them on the mountain.

New Years itself was a bit more mellow than what I would have wanted. Most of our crew got started fast and early (like at 3:00 in the afternoon), so by 10:00 most of them were wiped out and ready to retire. By the time the (pre-recorded) ball dropped, only 3 or four of us remained. I watched an episode of South Park and went to bed.

As a whole the group was a really interesting mix. I thought everyone was pretty fun to be around. It took a day or so to pick up on the "language and culture" (which consisted mainly of the phrases "interesting", "aggressive", and "O.G."). It's always a weird thing to adjust to different people and their style of humor and sarcasm. I had a weird exchange with one of the women in the group who was a high school English teacher named Claudia, after a friend of hers made some reference to the Harry Potter series:

Claudia: I only read the first two books of those series, but I couldn't read the third one.

Me: Why not...They get progressively better you know.

Claudia: Eh...The third one was too long.

Me (being jokingly critical): Too Long?! Aren't you a freaking English Teacher?! Since when can books be too long for you?

Claudia: It was just too long!

(at this point Liz gets uncomfortable and leaves the room)

Me: Look I could understand if you just aren't into the book...But too long...That's just not a good excuse for someone in your position.

We argue a lil more about it, and I assume Claudia understands this is just playful ribbing on my part. Only the next day I discover that after I had left the room she refused to let the subject die and made comments like, "How does HE know what I read...I read the Iliad last summer you know!"

which really would only have proved my point...But that's neither here nor there. The whole thing just struck my as really funny.

Anyhow...The trip is over now, and it's back to work, and hangin out in front of the computer.

Speaking of that: Here is the lil video that got me to start using the phrase: Booya so much.

Speaking of cars...I think this will be my next automobile.

And this is a funny video.


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