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Monday, January 24, 2005
The Meaning of Death

Well the saga of my surf racks appears to have drawn to a close. It was something of a clumsy close, but a close none-the-less. At last I can transport my surfboard to the beach. I awoke Saturday with plans of joining a friend of mine from work over at 4th street, but when I looked at the manual that came with the surfboard attachments, it was immediately clear that I had the wrong instruction book.

The dealer had to fax me the proper instructions and so my first surf session in months was postponed for another day.

The racks themselves are examples of some of the clumsiest design work I have ever seen. It's especially strange considering that almost every other part of my vehicle seems to be the result of excellent vision and creativity.

I won't really go into all the details, but I'll tell you this: It takes about 10 minutes to get you board all strapped in. There are all sorts of loose bits of metal involved which means you have to treat the whole system very carefully lest you want to take big chips out of the paint job.

So on the whole, while I'm stoked to be getting back in the water, I think the manufacturers could have put a better product together.


Here's some video game stuff for the ladies out there.

I lost in the first round of my Madden league playoffs just now. That officially makes me the Marty Schottenhiemer of our lil league. Strong in the regular season...chokes in the post season. I really felt like I got robbed by the computer in this one. I had at least 6 open-field dropped passes (4 from a H-back...but still), three of my starters got knocked out of the game (including my quarterback...leaving me with the far from exceptional Kannell to lead my final drive), and that 70-yard touchdown scramble from Lewis didn't help my cause none either. Thus I lost 7-10. Boo that.

Perhaps my inability to lead my team to victory has something to do with the massive amount of time I have spent on Worlds of Warcraft. One of the main problems here is that I have three separate groups of friends who play on three different servers. Still it's cool to try out lots of different character types and stuff.

One of my favorite things about WoW is the sheer volume of inane guild names. Guilds are permanent little groups of people who play together. They get to put a little guild tag under their name and have their own separate chat channel. Ideally they give you a solid network of good, like-minded people, who help eachother advance through levels and explore the realms of Azeroth.

In practice however it means a lot of desperate 14 year olds are out there pimping their lil club. I accidentally joined one guild without even knowing it called "The Meaning of Death", which prompted the following dialogue from my buddy Nemesis (Tyric):

Tyric: Can you explain death to me?

Pinpricks (me): What?

Tyric: Cause apparently your familiar with the meaning of death. =)

Pinpricks: What the hell are you talking about?

Tyric: Your guild...

Pinpricks: Oh for fucksake.

Pinpricks: /quitguild.

Most guild names are extremely stupid like that. "Angels of Hell" was another one that offered me membership. I'm sure there are people walking around with "cool dudes" or "Evil Killers of Wrath Death Studs" and the like.

Actually that's a pretty cool name...Anyone interested in joining MY new guild?


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