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Thursday, February 03, 2005
The Saga

For the past month and a half I have been dealing with what has become the most confusing girl situation I've yet to come across. As of now I think I got it figured out, but for the last 6 weeks my emotional situation can easily be summed up (like so many things) by a series of those lovable emoticons:

Without going into a blow by blow, I'll try to sum up the basics of what happened:

After socializing with this woman I asked her out to dinner...way back in mid December. Thanks to some conflicting schedules we didn't really get a chance to talk again till after January. Even then I would call and it would take her 6 or 7 days to get back to me. Even worse would be when she would tell me she'd call me "tomorrow or the next day" and end up calling 7 days later. She would eventually get in touch with me though, tell me how busy she'd been and continue to express an interest in going out.

So I would go through this cycle of being excited, then dubious, then sorta bummed...At which point I would write her off. Then in "Swinger-like fashion" she'd re-establish contact.

We finally actually had dinner about 2 weeks ago and it seemed like everything went really well. Now before I continue...Let me say that I've been on bad dates before. I've been on both sides of the bad date coin. I've been on dates where I'm happy and excited and tryin to make it work, while the other person is clearly unenthusiastic. I've been on dates where I'm not impressed with the company even though she's clearly doin all she could to demonstrate her interest (that particular date was a blind-date and the young lady greeted me at the door with, "Hi! You'll have to forgive me I've been drinking all day"...sweeeeeet).

This dinner felt nothing like those. It felt like a success. Lotsa laughs, lotsa smiles, and what I thought was some genuine chemistry. That was on a Monday. I called on Thursday...And then on Sunday (mostly because I just wanted to know what the heck was goin on) and I've not heard from her again.

Soooooooo buttons.

I suppose that an outside observer would say that some signals are more obvious (or stronger) than others and I shouldn't have let the whole thing go on for as long as I did, but the signals I got seemed decidedly mixed...And I suppose wishful thinking has a way of clouding one's judgment.

Throughout the whole ordeal I mostly just felt annoyed. Why couldn't this person just be straight with me? Why, after blowing me off for so long, call back just to blow me off some more?

I might have been disappointed by a tactful dismissal, but not offended. Plus I would have at least knew where I stood -- which would have been a lot less distracting and better off for both parties.

Ahhh nuts. I think I'll devote less of my time to chicks and more of my time to making awkward videos of myself for the internet. ;)



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