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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Too Friendly

I think most of us would agree that being friendly is a good quality to have, but it's awfully disconcerting when someone is overly friendly. Especially when its an overweight stranger in the bagel line.

Einstein's was plenty busy this morning and this jolly fat man starts chatting up everyone in line and behind the counter. A little friendly chit-chat is all fine and dandy, but these people behind the counter are desperately trying to move people along while this guy is asking them where they are from, and how he likes his coffee warm, but not too hot -- how cream is good but too much can ruin the drink -- while plowing bagels into his face, fist-fulls at a time.

He catches my eye and says, "Hey dude where do I know you from?"

"I dunno...I dont think we know eachother" I say...Desperate to try and dis-assosiate myself from this lunatic while everyone in the restaurant throws me strange glances. Perhaps that's why I responded to his following question: "Do you go to church?" with an slightly overzealous "no".

"Oh..." He said, and his mood went slightly icy,"I DON'T know you then."

So ended our brief friendship.




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